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Zion Williamson Weight Loss

American basketball player Williamson. He’s a Pelican. The Pelicans drafted Zion in 2019. First-overall pick. Williamson is the fourth-youngest All-Star.

Williamson has recently been in the news and among his fans. Zion’s weight reportedly fluctuated. Williamson’s draught weight was 274 pounds.

During the lockdown, news that Zion weighed 330 pounds spread. Many fans asked about Williamson’s health after the news spread.

Williamson’s weight loss became viral online recently. Fan confusion ensued. I know you want Zion’s weight loss facts. Let’s quickly learn the details.

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Zion’s Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Despite the fact that reports regarding the shifts in Zion’s weight were widely disseminated across the internet, Williamson did not issue a statement that was considered to be official. A number of online news outlets have published articles about the possibility that Zion has shrunk in size.

Zion’s weight loss was brought up as a topic of conversation after the sports analyst and former sportswriter Bill Simmons stated that he had “heard that Zion dropped 24 pounds.” This whole thing was kicked off by a picture in the beginning.

While Zion was practicing, he looked bigger than usual in a photo. As Williamson hasn’t mentioned weight loss or gain, the topic died.

Some of Williamson’s fans are now questioning whether the weight news was real. A photo, after all. Maybe the angle was off. Maybe he wore more inside.

Luka Garza has lost 30 pounds, unlike Zion Williamson.

Zion Williamson Weight Loss

Final Words

We don’t know if Zion has gained or lost weight based on official data. Maybe it’s a rumor or a fact. We won’t know unless Williamson tells us.

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