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Kidsyoutube.Com Activate TV: Account Setup For Children Youtube.Com/Activate

Kids.youtube.com/activate lets you create a free kid’s YouTube account for a smart TV. The children’s YouTube app generates a code when you tap “Sign In.”

For more giant TV screens, use kids.youtube.com/activatecode. This article explains how to use the kids.youtube.com activation code simply.

youtube kids activate

How To Setup Youtube Kids Profile Using 

First, set up your child’s youtubekids.com profile. We’ll set up a YouTube Kids profile and account in this part.

  1. Visit kids.youtube.com on your phone or computer.

  2. Click the “profile” icon with “watch again.”

  3. Now click “Get Started” to have a parent sign in so you can create and edit a profile.

  4. Next, click “Next” and ensure you have a Gmail account.

  5. Enter your birthdate to verify your age, then click “Submit.” No children’s names You can’t create a YouTube kid profile otherwise.

  6. At this point, YouTube Kids will show children’s videos demonstrating what they can do with youtubekids.com. You can choose a display handbook to read through and then click “Next.”

  7. Now you must sign into Google as a parent. Sign in

  8. Tap “New Account.”

  9. A pop-up window will come out Sign in to your Gmail to set up your YouTube Kids profile.

  10. Go to youtubekids.com with a connected Google account to see your child’s YouTube search history.

Activating Youtube Kids Using kids.youtube.com/activate Link on Samsung Smart TV:

There are several ways to make a YouTube Kids account and turn on the app on your Samsung smart TV, but the one we’ve explained here is simple.

  1. Press the Samsung Smart TV home button.

  2. Click “Apps.”

  3. Choose “YouTube Kids” from the menu.

  4. Use the top-right search box to find “Samsung Apps.”

  5. Download a TV app by searching for “YouTube Kids” and clicking “Install.”

  6. Click “yes, sign me in” on the YouTube Kids app’s display.

  7. Visit kids.youtube.com/activate on Android or PC.

  8. Tap “link” to activate the TV.

  9. Login with Gmail or your youtubekids.com kids profiles to use YouTube Kids.

Activate Youtube Kids On Fire TV Using www.kids.youtube.com

Many Fire TV users want YouTube Kids but can’t find the right guide. Here’s how to activate kids’ YouTube on Amazon Fire TV.

  1. If the YouTube Kids app isn’t already on the Fire TV, install it.

  2. If it’s already installed, open YouTube Kids on Amazon Fire TV.

  3. Sign in or use the YouTube Kids app as a guest. Sign in to watch your child’s activities.

  4. If you choose the YouTube Kids sign-in option, the activation code will be displayed.

  5. Visit kids.youtube.com/activate on your phone or PC.

  6. Tap “Connect” after entering the TV-displayed kid’s app activation code.

  7. Sign into your YouTube account or select the child’s profile.

  8. Enter the kids.youtube.com/activation code.

  9. Reload the page to access YouTube for kids.

Activate Youtube Kids Using kids.youtube.com/activate.com on Apple TV

If you’re an Apple TV user looking to get youtube kids, here’s how:

  1. “Apple TV” “App Store”

  2.  “YouTube kids”

  3. Download the YouTube app by clicking “Get.”

  4. Once downloaded, launch YouTube Kids.

  5. Yes, please sign me in when asked to log in or use me as a guest.

  6. The app displays kids.youtube.com/activate.

  7. Visit kids.youtube.com/activate.

  8. Enter TV’s code.

  9. Sign in to your YouTube, Gmail, or kid profile by clicking “connect.”

  10. After the above steps are completed, the account is verified and you will

  11. receive an activation code.

  12. Set up a YouTube account for your kids.

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