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Who Is CNN Maribel Aber? Explore Her CNN Profile and Husband

Maribel Aber is a CNN Business News journalist.

Maribel Aber, a CNN Newsource business correspondent, is a familiar face to Money Matters viewers. “Morning Express with Robin Meade,” “On the Story with Lynn Smith,” and “Weekend Express” with Robin Meade.

Moreover, CNN’s Maribel was NASDAQ’s vice-chief chairman’s of staff.

History and Education of Maribel Aber

Maribel Aber was born on November 29, 1976. Maribel is 46. Her parents raised her in Virginia, USA. Aber’s parents are unknown. Aber’s parents are said to be Asian, thus the reporter is also Asian. The Money Expert on HLNTV also has a brother.

Maribel began her studies at the University of Virginia in 1991, majoring in German and minoring in Arts. She was active in clubs and societies like Alpha Xi Delta while in college. Maribel earned her BA in 1995.

In 1998, Maribel entered the Securities and Financial Markets JD programme at New York Law School. In 2005, she earned her degree.


Formerly of many TV stations before joining the global news-based pay television in NYC. Maribel worked at NASDAQ, a New York-based stock exchange, from July 1995 to January 2009.

She was also a Vice President. Maribel regularly hosted the NASDAQ Opening and Closing Bell ceremonies on CNBC, Bloomberg, and FOX Business Network. She also interviewed visiting CEOs and dignitaries for the NASDAQ Minute.

History and Education of Maribel Aber

She joined Experian, Meredith, Next New Networks, Comtex News Network, Rainforest Fund, The Broadway Channel, Wall Street Week, AOL, First Vision Media Group, Inc., The M&A Advisor, and Movie Loft Productions after leaving NASDAQ.

Before joining CNN, Aber worked at Movie Loft Productions. BrainFuel TV was a syndicated TV show that provided highlights and discussion on the latest entertaining/educational television shows for home and school.

Maribel Aber CNN Profile

Aber has been a business correspondent for CNN’s News source, a network of over 1,000 affiliates, since February 2012. She also appears on HLN’s “Morning Express with Robin Meade”, “On the Story with Lynn Smith” and “Weekend Express”.

Maribel covers business, money, personal finance, and the economy as it affects families and consumers for CNN. The 2015 China market crash, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, and the 2012 Facebook IPO were all covered by her.

Who Married CNN’s Maribel Aber? Get to Know Their Relationship

In addition to her husband Robert E. Aber, who served as the American Stock Exchange NASDAQ’s former General Counsel, Maribel is also the mother of two children. He was also NASDAQ’s Senior Vice President. The two are said to have met while working together, according to rumours.

Who Married CNN's Maribel Aber? Get to Know Their Relationship

In spite of their status as public celebrities, they’ve both maintained a low-key approach to their personal lives. Maribel and Robert appear to have a significant age gap, however the actual number is unknown.

 Net Worth And Social Media

Maribel Aber’s estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million. Her yearly earnings are thought to be in the neighbourhood of $90K. Forbes estimates Aber’s net worth at $18 million after taking into account her earnings as a CNN business news correspondent and other positions she’s held.

The CNN news correspondent is quite active on social media like Instagram where she has 8K followers, Facebook where she has 141K followers, and Twitter with 8K followers.