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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Oovoo Javer!

What Happened to the Oovoo Javer Guy? Do you remember the oovoo Javier of that viral vine? His name is Gabriel Cash, and this is what he’s doing now.
If you were an avid social media user between 2013 and 2016, you were a Vine fan. It was pretty similar to TikTok, and the American social media platform allowed users to share video clips in a six or seven seconds loop. One person you probably remember is the Oovoo Javer guy who got famous after watching a viral video of vine on the internet. But do you know what he’s doing now? It is what happened to oovoo Javier.
Who is the  Boy Oovoo Javer?
In 2017, years after the creation of Vine. The guy Oovoo Javer went to YouTube to upload a video that responded to the meme and revealed who he is. The real name of Oovoo Javer is Gabriel Cash, and he explained in the YouTube video that he was walking around the mall with his friends when he approached him for the interview that went viral.
Gabriel defends his hilarious answer to the question by stating that Uber wasn’t a big deal back then, and he’s never heard of it. However, he was confused by the question. So he repeated what the interviewer said without knowing how hilarious the video was. Months later, it started trending across all social media platforms when thousands of people shared the video.

What is Garviel Cash Doing Now?

Gabriel Cash is now a social media star who creates content with his brother Daniel under “The Cash Twins.”  They have a YouTube channel with 16,000 subscribers.
But they don’t post there very often and are most popular on Instagram. Where they have 138,000 followers and most of the time. The twins also upload content to Twitter and OnlyFans and now refer to themselves as Danielle and Gabrielle.
What is the  Oovoo Javer Vine?
what happened to the oovoo javer guy
When Vine was one of the biggest social media apps, a video that people still talk about went viral. In the legendary Vine clip, an interviewer stops a guy on the road and asks,
“Who is the best Uber driver you’ve ever had?”.