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WEDDING COMPO Hotel ordered to pay €5,000 to traveller bride-to-be after discriminating against her

A hotel discriminated against a bride-to-be and awarded her €5,000 compensation.

She wanted to get married at the venue, but they stopped responding.

The woman emailed the hotel on July 20, 2019, indicating date flexibility.

The wedding coordinator invited the bride-to-be to a showcase the next day.

The worker asked about dates but also about attendance. 100-120 guests, she said.

The next day, the coordinator asked for her surname and her fiancé’s.



The woman said she had a “common Traveller surname” and lived in a Traveller-dense town.

She said hotel staff “kept looking in her direction” at the showcase, making it difficult to speak with the coordinator.

After “a while,” she approached the “aloof” employee. Two days later, she emailed about the venue and dates. Received none.

The email was blanked twice. In October 2019, the worker responded to the hotel’s Equal Status Act complaint.