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watch.salemnow.com/activate: How to Activate SalemNOW App?

Activate the SalemNOW app at watch.salemnow.com/activate to watch top-rated movies, exclusive interviews, inspiring music videos, award-winning documentaries, and Salem Media Events with Larry Elder, Charlie Kirk, Dennis Prager, Mike Gallagher, Hugh Hewitt, and other media personalities. To activate SalemNOW on your streaming device, visit watch.salemnow.com/activate.


Create a SalemNOW Account

You must have a SalemNOW account to activate the app and manage individual titles you buy or rent. Here’s how to join SalemNOW.

  1. Visit https://watch.salemnow.com/signup on your phone/computer browser.
  2. Sign up by entering your Email and Password.
  3. Your account will be created.

After registering for SalemNOW, follow the activation steps.

Activate SalemNOW App on various streaming devices at watch.salemnow.com/activate

SalemNOW supports Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. The following steps will help you activate the app on these devices.

Activating the SalemNOW app On Roku at watch.salemnow.com/activate

SalemNOW is in the Channel Store’s Movies & TV section. Install and activate the app at watch.salemnow.com/activate. Instructions are below.

  1. Select a streaming channel from the Roku home menu.
  2. Tap “Search” under “Streaming Channels.”
  3. Enter “SalemNOW” and confirm. Select SalemNOW from the search results.
  4. Click Add channel to install the app.
  5. Launch the app by clicking Go to the channel.
  6. The app’s welcome screen displays an activation code and www.salemnow.com/activate.
  7. Open the activation address on your phone or PC browser.
  8. Sign in with your username and password on the activation page.
  9. Once logged in, enter the code and click Activate.
  10. Complete any remaining on-screen instructions. You can then access SalemNOW on Roku.

To Activate the SalemNOW app on Amazon Fire TV

Make sure your Amazon Fire TV has the latest updates before following the instructions below.

  1. Select Find and Search from the Fire TV home screen.

  2. Use “SalemNOW” using the on-screen keyboard.

  3. Next, click Get to install the app from the search result.

  4. Click “Open” to launch the app after installation.

  5. You’ll see a unique code and the link watch.salemnow.com/activate.

  6. Link another device’s browser to the SalemNOW activation page.

  7. If not, sign in.

  8. Enter the code and tap “Activate” after signing in.

  9. Follow any on-screen instructions to activate.

  10. On your Fire TV, install SalemNOW.

How to Activate the SalemNOW app on Apple TV via watch.salemnow.com/activate?

Apple TV also supports SalemNOW. Here’s how to install SalemNOW on Apple TV.

  1. home screen, Apple TV App Store.
  2. Type “SalemNOW” and confirm.
  3. First, search for SalemNOW. Next, click “Get.”
  4. Tap “Open” to launch the app after installation.
  5. Your Apple TV will display an activation code and URL: watch.salemnow.com/activate.
  6. Use this link to access SalemNOW’s activation page.
  7. Sign in to SalemNOW on the activation page.
  8. Enter the activation code when logged in, then tap Activate.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions (if any).
  10. After that, you can watch SalemNOW on Apple TV.

Activation of SalemNOW app on Android TV

SalemNOW works easily on Android TV. Download the app from Google Play and activate it at watch.salemnow.com/activate. Instructions are below.

The home screen of Android TV > Google Play Store > Apps

Look for the “SalemNOW” app in the Play Store.

Select SalemNOW from the search results.

Install SalemNOW by clicking Install.

Click “Open” to launch the app after installation.

Salem TV will display an authentication code and an activation link (watch.salemnow.com/activate).

Open the SalemNOW activation link on your phone or computer browser.

Sign in with your SalemNOW credentials if you have not already.

Enter the activation code after signing in, then tap Activate.

SalemNOW will be activated on Android TV after activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any subscription fee I need to pay for the service?

Salem now has no subscriptions. Every movie or event has its own buying or renting prices.

Why is it necessary to create an account to purchase a movie?

SalemNOW wants to ensure that no one can access user information and credit card details. To protect your information, create an account. It lets you manage purchases so you can access content across apps and devices.

Where are the purchases stored in my SalemNOW account?

  1. https://watch.salemnow.com/login Sign in to SalemNOW.
  2. Once logged in, click the menu icon.
  3. Select My Account from the menu.
  4. Next, click Purchases to access your purchased movies and events.