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An Adventurer’s Guide to Visiting the Republic of Kiribati!

Visiting the Republic of Kiribati, In the year 2019, the Republic of Kiribati received 12,000 visitors. If you want to travel to a spot that not many people are aware of, this is the ideal location for you to visit.

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Guide to Visiting the Republic of Kiribati

1: Remains of World War 

The majority of people are familiar with this country due to its illustrious World War II past. Initially, the Japanese inhabited this area, but the United States eventually took it over. There are several remnants of the brutal history that may be seen today.

The anti-ship cannons on the ocean-facing island are the most straightforward things to locate. It’s close to the causeway that leads to Bairiki. The British provided these weapons to the Japanese, and it was the Japanese who planted them on this island. As a safeguard against assault, there are historic Japanese command bunkers and large structures, and substantial concrete barriers in the area.

In addition, there is a memorial to all of the Americans who perished throughout the conflict. It is a location outside of Betio. Additionally, a Japanese monument is located on the grounds, but you must make an appointment to visit it.

2: Tarawa

After visiting the Ikari House, travel to Tarawa, the capital of the Republic of Kiribati, to complete your journey. Many islands joined together in the shape of a boomerang in this group. You can cross bridges to get to these islands, but some ferries run back and forth between them.

The southern part of Tarawa is where you should stay if you want to feel for the local culture. Suppose you’re looking for a more private holiday, head to the northern regions

3: Abemama

The capital of the Gilbert Islands was Abemama, which came in second place after World War II when the islands were still known as the Gilbert Islands. On the other hand, Tarawa was victorious because it provided more accessible access to the reef that surrounded it.

There is lots of natural beauty to see on this island, and you may even be able to spot a small yellow barking frog. The introduction of this frog was intended to aid in managing an increasing mosquito population.

4: Restaurants

While you’re here, try out some of the local eateries, like the Royal Bar near the Betio Islet. It boasts air conditioning and serves chilled beer and soft beverages. The bar is open late and is an excellent location to go.

Try the Ambo Lagoon Club. On the island’s lagoon side, you’ll find lots to do. They have volleyball, darts, and a secure swimming lagoon.

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The activities listed above are only a few of the enjoyable things to do in the Republic of Kiribati; however, there are many more attractions that you should make time to explore while you’re there. Do you find that arranging any travel may be challenging at times, no matter how simple? So,  if that’s the case, we’re here to assist you.

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