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Vegeta Workout Routine, Diet, Age, Height

Vegeta is from The Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, etc. The series gives its ever-growing audience many seasons.

Dragon Ball inspired Naruto, My Hero Academia, Attack On Titans, etc. Vegeta is Goku’s friend/rival in the series. If you want to train like a Saiyan and learn Vegeta’s routine, keep reading.

Vegeta Workout Routine

Vegeta is the best human enemy. Goku’s enemy becomes his best friend and savior. Vegeta may sound rude and look bad, but he’s saved Earth many times. Unlike Goku, he values family over fighting. Perhaps that’s why he’s always behind Goku.

Vegeta’s strength is similar to Goku’s; they’re both super Saiyans, and he always catches up to Goku’s level. Their training styles are similar, even though they use “Chi” and fight differently. Vegeta spars with Goku almost daily.

They may not find similar-caliber sparring partners on Earth. Vegeta is a martial arts master and meditates often; he’s also more patient. Vegeta probably trains six days a week for three hours a day.

UFC is easier than Super Saiyan. You can win the heavyweight title before 20c/o Vegeta power without turning Super Saiyan. Two main routines will help you get in shape like Vegeta. Like:

vegeta workout

Vegeta workout includes:

Vegeta Martial Arts

First, we’ll explore Vegeta and Goku’s martial arts world. They both fight with pure martial arts techniques at superhuman speed, which is impossible to see. Martial arts can make you a better fighter and stronger.

So we’ll train five to six days a week with a two-hour martial arts minimum. Any dojo or gym teaches your preferred martial art. Chinese martial arts aren’t required. It’s about getting in shape like Goku, so you can learn any form.

Martial Arts

Vegeta Meditation

Last, meditate like Vegeta. Vegeta meditates for hours to increase his Chi and life energy. He improves at turning Super Saiyan, throwing laser beams, and more.

As I said in the Goku workout, meditating for years can open all your chakras. You can benefit from meditation in 30 to 60 minutes, not years.

Vegeta Diet

Unfortunately, we can train like them, but I don’t think any of us are suddenly getting our powers, or the ability to magically stop caring about nutrition.

You can’t out-train your diet, so I want to still give some pillars for nutrition.

Vegeta Age

Vegeta’s birth year is 732, making him 48 in Dragon Ball Super. This doesn’t include the 5 years he spent in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

By the end of the Universal Survival Arc, he’ll be 53. He was born 1 year before Yamcha and Bulma and the same year as Lunch.

Vegeta Height

Vegeta is a slim yet very well-built man of a below-average stature, standing at 164 centimeters tall (5’5”).

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