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Unique course at University of Limerick encourages more women to join tech industry

RENT the Runway Galway is partnering with UL’s Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) programme to promote more women into computing.

The very competitive programme will begin in UL in September 2022.

The ISE programme blends academic study with immersive work experience at Rent the Runway and other tech startups.

Sustainability, affordability, and diversity are essential aspects of Rent the Runway’s business idea and practise, according to ISE Course Director Professor Tiziana Margaria.

Students will be able to apply skills learnt in UL’s customised studio to real-world problems for large digital companies.

A number of Irish startups and SMEs are among Rent the Runway’s industry partners.

The new Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) degree will produce world-class technology graduates for Irish, European and international markets.