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Uncover the mysteries of a hen’s egg

Uncover the mysteries of a hen’s egg. 

Do you believe you actually know everything about the hen’s egg? Maybe you’re right, but maybe you’re wrong. Read this article, and perhaps you will learn something new that you have not known and heard before. Don’t have wrong prejudices against the egg because you only hear about it; it contains a lot of cholesterol, and therefore it should be removed from the diet. Find out real secrets you didn’t know yet.

Shelf life

The fresher, the better. This is doubly true for eggs. We recommend consuming them before the expiration date. However, if you have eggs stored in the refrigerator, you can consume them shortly after the minimum shelf life. Just take into account that the eggs lose their quality the longer you have them stored, regardless of the place of storage.

What about a crack in an egg?

Buy eggs undamaged, as the shell protects them from external harmful substances. However, if you find a broken egg at home, proceed with caution if you want to eat it. Only consume an egg with a damaged shell after heat treatment. Under no circumstances, drink drinks from eggs with a broken shell. It would assist if you also were careful with dirty eggs, as these are even riskier due to the transmission of various diseases to your body. Eggs are also useful in cure erectile dysfunction.

How to find out the freshness of an egg?

The first option is to indicate the expiry date on the package in which you buy the eggs. It is this date that determines the freshness of the eggs. Also, you can do an old familiar test. Put the eggs in a glass of water, and you will see the result. Fresh eggs in their shells always drop to the very bottom of the glass with water. Older eggs will float on the water’s surface because over time, the egg ages, and air enters it, making it lighter with less content.

White and brown egg

What is the truth, is there a difference between a white and a brown egg? There is certainly no difference between them. White and brown eggs differ only in color. Otherwise, they have the same nutritional value. The very difference in color lies in the genus of hens. In general, brown hens lay brown (darker) eggs, while white hens lay white eggs. That’s right, and there’s really nothing else in it. You can count on it.

Egg nutrition

Do you understand which part of the egg is more valuable in nutrients? White or yolk? You may be surprised, but in this comparison, the more nutritious egg yolk clearly wins. It includes many necessary nutrients, such as iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B6, B12, vitamin D, zinc, pantothenic and folic acid, and thiamine. Perhaps, we add that the yolk’s positive fact contains up to approximately 190 to 200 mg of cholesterol (as well as 5 g of fat, just under a third of which is saturated fat).

Egg and human health

Many consider the egg to be a product that can adversely affect our hearts. So far, however, none of the studies (even those recognized abroad) have confirmed that the egg supports the growth of heart disease or other cardiovascular diseases in healthy people. Other foods and animal products give us much more cholesterol in the blood (other harmful substances) than just eggs.

Egg storage

Best in their packaging and on the shelf in the central part of the refrigerator. Whether the eggs are stored correctly on the refrigerator door (which is the most commonplace for refrigerator manufacturers) is not clearly defined and proven. 

We do not recommend this because when the refrigerator door is opened regularly or when the door is opened for a long time, the eggs suffer due to temperature fluctuations and can perish more quickly. But only if you have a large number of eggs that you cannot consume in time. So we don’t see this as a big problem. 

It is also a good idea to leave eggs in the refrigerator in the box where you buy them, as they are better protected against damage and the smell of other foods. Remember always to watch the date of consumption of the eggs, thus preventing their spoilage. And what to add in the end? Don’t be afraid to eat eggs regularly, but don’t overdo it. Also, do not try to eliminate them entirely from your diet. If you also follow the correct technique of storing them, you and your health are not in danger. On the contrary.

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