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Two youths plead not guilty over incident in which teen girl was knocked under Dart train

Two Dublin teenagers have pleaded not guilty to violent disorder after a teen girl was knocked “headfirst” under a Dart train.

On April 1, 2013, a 17-year-old girl fell between the platform and a stationary train at Howth Junction. Friends and workers pulled her back onto the platform.

Three 17-year-olds were charged with DV. One of them was charged with causing bodily damage to the girl.

Judge Paul Kelly of the Dublin Children’s Court took jurisdiction over two of the boys last month.
She had a cut knee, a bruised back, and was plainly upset. The court heard she was in her Leaving Cert year and already anxious.

He added she’s on medication and “going through a tough period.”

The victim did not know the bunch of kids.

Counsel argued he was irresponsible, and the defence called his actions “very stupid”.

They must now follow bail terms.


But the third boy charged at the female, causing her to fall headfirst under the train.

It should be tried in Circuit Court, which has harsher sentence authority.

After a four-week hiatus, Judge Kelly heard the case.

To finish a book of evidence for a boy facing more serious allegations, he granted State solicitor Anna Bridgeman further time. He was told to return in two weeks.

They pleaded not guilty and will be heard in May at the Children’s Court.

Judge Kelly had previously seen the video and heard the claims from Garda Kevin O’Boyle.

He told the court that 10 to 15 young people “shouted and roared” on the train.

They couldn’t get back on the train due to security.

Six girls rushed to catch the Dart.

A boy on a bike threw his foot at a girl, hitting her in the face.

A teen on a bike allegedly used the handlebars to lunge at another female, causing her to “fall off the platform headfirst”.

An OCS security guard pulled the girl from under the Dart train and back onto the platform.