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Two arrested and over 80 fined after nearly 300 people gathered following Leitrim Traveller funeral

Two arrested and over 80 fined after nearly 300 people gathered following Leitrim Traveller funeral

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GARDAI has made two arrests and issued over 80 fines at a gathering of nearly 300 people after a funeral in Leitrim.

Cops have launched an investigation into the organizers of the event that has been slammed by a Traveller and Roma Group Pavee Point representative, as “very disappointing”.

Two arrested and over 80 fined after nearly 300 people gathered following Leitrim Traveller funeral
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Up to 300 people were reported to have attended the gathering[/caption]

Up to 300 people were reported

Gardai issued over 80 fixed public order notices[/caption]

Two arrests were made on Wednesday, and several public health breaches are being investigated from a gathering that took place after a funeral in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim on Thursday.

Gardai say they are not investigating any breaches of public health incidents during the church funeral service.

Up to 300 individuals reportedly attended the gathering after the service, in the county which in recent weeks had recorded one of the lowest Covid-19 rates in Ireland.


A spokesperson for An Garda Siochana said: “Gardai in Leitrim carried out a policing plan around a funeral that took place in Carrick-on-Shannon Co. Leitrim on March 10 and 11, 2021.

“A Garda Siochana liaised with the relevant parties in advance and is not investigating any breaches in respect of the church element of this funeral.

“Funerals are not a penal regulation.

“More than 80 FPNs have issued in respect of breaches of the public health regulations.  On Wednesday, March 10, two arrests were made under the public order act.

“A Garda Siochana will investigate the organizers of any event which is in breach of the public health regulations.”


Martin Collins of Traveller and Roma Group Pavee Point said the event was “very disappointing”.

Speaking on RTE Radio 1’s Morning Ireland he said: “I did see the images of the marquee and the large gathering and it is very disappointing, it’s very concerning and it’s not acceptable that in the middle of a global health pandemic that some people are behaving in this way.

“Pavee Point’s message has been very consistent and very clear that all people, travelers or settled need to adhere to the public health guidelines.

“Public health and the preservation of life trumps everything else. I understand how difficult it is for travelers to stay away from funerals, but cultural norms and traditions will have to take a back seat at this time.

“People must realize at this stage almost four and a half thousand people have died from Covid-19 in Ireland and more will die if people don’t observe the public health guidelines.”


HSE CEO Paul Reid, who lives in Carrick-on-Shannon, said breaches of public health measures at events “hurt people” who have made sacrifices during the pandemic.

Speaking on Today with Claire Byrne, Reid said: “Funerals in general, it’s a very difficult time for people. Grieving, for all families who are grieving at funeral times.

“Everybody acknowledges it’s not easy. But ultimately, what really hurts people is when they see the sacrifices that everybody’s made in terms of public health measures.

“And then they see various experiences, whether it’s funerals or other incidents where it just rocks people for the sacrifices they’ve made.”

He continued: “We know and we experienced throughout this year, very high levels of virus transmission at funerals all across the country in many communities…it can be at wakes it can be at events before funerals, events after the funeral. High transmission levels, high impact in communities.”