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Trinidad Valentin Biography: Net Worth, Age, Family, Height & weight, Career


Model Trinidad She’s the mother of rapper Saweetie. Saweetie, Trinidad Valentin, models. 1993-07-02: Valentin gives birth to Saweetie. Her child was born. Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper was born in Saweetie.

Trinidad Valentin Biography

Who is Trinidad Valentin?

Trinidad Valentin is a famous American. American model Saweetie’s mother is more famous. Saweetie is a famous American musician. Her mother’s name, Trinidad, is also famous. Trinidad, 17, gave birth to Saweetie.

Trinidad Valentin Early Life

Trinidad Valentine was born in 1996 in the United States. She’s from California’s Central Valley. Her birth year makes her 44. Trinidad and Valentin are Asian. She’s American but Filipino-Chinese. She’s a Cancer and a Christian. Her mother and siblings live in the U.S. Her family is a mystery.

Trinidad Valentin Height & weight

She’s 5’7″, or 170 cm tall. Her body weight reflects her personality and character. Her weight is 130 lbs. She’s fit and looks good. She’s slim and attractive. Trini wears a 6.5 and has dark brown hair.

Trinidad Valentin Career

Saweetie attended Tracy’s Merrill F. West High School. Saweetie then attended Monterey Trail High. She studied business and correspondence at SDSU. Saweetie, 13, started making music in Trinidad. She began composing at a young age. After graduating, she focused on her rap career.

Saweetie’s Icy Girl received RIAA platinum certification. It was her first rap single. Warner soon signed her. Currently, Lou Burrell handles her. Trinidad’s daughter is succeeding well. Her daughter’s Wikipedia page is well-written. Young Valentin modeled music videos.

In the 2020s The Icy Life, Saweetie learned about her mom. Saweetie says her mother loves cameras and videos. She said her mom made videos. Mid-2000s hip-hop stars recorded in Trinidad. Nelly’s Ride With Me and DMX’s were included.

Trinidad Valentin Net worth

Trinidad Valentin, Saweetie’s mother, is a former model and Saweetie’s grandmother. Her income and net worth are unknown, but she is expected to live lavishly. Most of her income comes from her famous daughter and ex-footballer husband.

Trinidad Valentin