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Top Irish doctor tells of common parasite in children and how to identify it

An Irish paediatrician has advised parents on how to spot a common parasite in their kids.

Dr Niamh Lynch shared a video on her TikTok account explaining the signs and symptoms of threadworms.
“Threadworms are a prevalent parasite, especially in youngsters,” she noted.

“They’re tiny. They range in size from 2 to 13mm and are visible to the naked eye.”
Dr. Lynch said she has observed worms in her own daughter and recommended parents to be vigilant.

It was enough for her to witness them in her own child.

“She said her bottom was itchy and uncomfortable the night I saw them.

“She got up to go potty. She sat on the toilet, and I said I’ll look down there for a rash or something. “And there they were, the worms on her bottom.”
Threadworms, often called pinworms, are microscopic worms in the stool that can be treated by your pharmacist.

Dr. Lynch discussed why worms would be easier to spot at night.

“They come out at night to lay their eggs, and then the child scratches and scratches and scratches, and the eggs get lodged beneath their fingernails, where other children can pick them up,” she explained.

Threadworms can infect textiles, toys, toothbrushes, kitchen or bathroom surfaces, beds, food, and pets when their eggs are ingested.

The eggs can be spread to others by touching these surfaces and mouths.
In order to avoid reinfection, children should be encouraged to wash their hands routinely.

Dr. Lynch advises parents to examine their children for worms and trim their nails.

“If your child complains of a hurting bottom, get them treated and keep their fingernails short and clean,” she advised.