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Tim McGraw Weight Loss 40 Pounds at 52

“Being my age and still performing well gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

In 2008, Tim McGraw’s 11-year-old daughter told him he looked “big” in Four Christmases.

The country star stopped working out for a while. “I was in my prime but wasn’t using it” McGraw, who weighed 215 pounds, decided to make changes.

McGraw told ET: “My family needs me.” “I want to see my kids and grandkids grow up. I want to take my grandkids diving and spearfishing.”

McGraw spent many years in the Bahamas with his family, where he discovered a passion for spearfishing and diving.

“I wasn’t showing up for all the people who work hard for me,” he told ET. “If I want a long career and to stay in this position, I can easily quit now. I won’t quit.”

McGraw lost 40 pounds and became healthier at 52. Here’s how she lost weight.

tim mcgraw weight loss

He overhauled his diet

When you’re on the road for a tour, it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that you’re always on vacation because you’re staying in hotels, ordering room service, visiting quick-service restaurants at pit stops, and going to parties after shows.

When I looked back ten years ago, I realize that I wasn’t taking as good of care of myself as I should have been. And my lifestyle wasn’t as healthy as it is now,” McGraw said in an interview with CMT. He added that he was staying up until three in the morning, drinking “an extra beer with the band,” eating cheeseburgers, and not going to the gym first thing in the morning. It had reached the point where it was no longer under control.”

After being told by his daughter that he appeared “big,” McGraw made the decision to stop drinking alcohol and cut back on foods like burgers and fast food. McGraw’s eldest daughter gave him advice: “You really need to do something.” “And the day after that,” he said, “I was at the fitness center.”

Working out became his “meditation

The country star started with morning walks, then ran for 20 minutes and lifted weights.

McGraw installed gym equipment in his tour trailer to work out on the road. Each concert was preceded by a 90-minute workout with Roger Yuan. Being at the top of his game at his age gives him a sense of accomplishment, he told Men’s Health. “Training doesn’t tire me out.”

Fitness has helped his career, he said. The country star sings with her legs and butt. Having more control makes my voice stronger.

It’s not all about the physical changes, though

McGraw’s new lifestyle helped him lose weight. “I just wanted to get healthy,” the country star told People. “For me, it’s about feeling good physically and on stage.”

“I’ve gone through a physical transformation in the last 10 years,” he said. “I have a clearer mind, a stronger sense of purpose, and deeper relationships. Exercise helps me focus on my life and my loved ones.

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