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Tian Richards Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The new CW series Tom Swift has received praise from international media. June is Pride Month, and Tom Swift made it more festive. Tom Swift is sci-fi. It also explores and breaks the representation glass ceiling.

Tian Richards plays black gay billionaire Tom Swift, who has enviable wit and wealth. This type of character has never been portrayed, and the media gives it credit for representing marginalized groups.

Tian Richards’ popularity has risen thanks to his role as Tom Swift. Tian Richards is very fitness-conscious and disciplined.

Today we’ll look at Tian Richards’ workout and diet plans. We’ll also explain why some things work for your body and others don’t. Continue. Tian Richard’s stats

Tian Richards Workout

Tian Richards Workout Routine

Tian has a toned, muscular, fit body. Tian posts his workout routines on Instagram.

Weight Training

Weightlifting is essential to achieving a body like Tian Richards’. Consistent, proper weight training replaces body fat with muscle, giving you strength and good looks. Most of his Instagram exercises combine mobility and weightlifting. So add weight training to your routine to ensure the optimal transition.


Running strengthens your lower body and legs. It helps maintain bone health and weight. Tian runs on a treadmill for 15-20 minutes. No wonder he’s always fit. You’ll feel the difference between running and a 1-hour fast walk. Exercise is an antidepressant. So you’ll look and feel great. Start with a 30-minute walk and gradually increase your capacity.


Tian performs dumbbell pushups. This pushup variation reduces shoulder stress, engages more muscles, and tests stability. Full-body exercise burns fatter. Start with simple pushups or wall pushups, knee pushups, and then normal pushups.


Tian’s lunges include weights. He does weight-standing lunges. Dumbbell lunges improve balance and tone of the back, which improves posture. Start with three sets of 15 lunges.

Tian Richards Diet Plan

Tian’s diet is unknown. We’ll still offer tips on building muscle.

Sleep properly

Sometimes, even after working out and restricting our diet, we seem to not see the results. It is because of the lack of proper high-quality sleep. Sleep is the time when your body is recovering and building muscles. Lack of sleep also reduces toxin removal from the body. So in order to get optimum benefits out of your exercise regime, you must allow your body enough sleep to rebuild and recover.

Is Tian Richards Vegan?

No, Tian Richards is not vegan.

Muscle-building requires a high-protein diet. Tian has muscled abs. Muscle-building protein. To get enough energy, eat enough carbs and fats. Stress hinders body functions, including muscle formation. If you want long-lasting exercise results, avoid overstressing yourself. Here’s how to get Tian Richards’s body. Please adjust as needed.

Tian Richards Diet Plan includes:


  • Eggs
  • Veggies
  • Brown Bread with little butter


  • Salmon/ Tofu
  • Chicken breasts
  • Avocado Toasts


  • Soups
  • Lightly sauteed Spiced seasonal vegetables
  • Fish


  • Desserts are made with maple syrup or coconut sugar.

Tian Richards

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