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THE SUN SAYS Angel Lynn kidnapper’s derisory sentence is a mockery of justice

In two years, he will be released, and his girlfriend, who stood up to him, will be severely brain-damaged.

That defies fairness.

Chay Bowskill mercilessly ridiculed, belittled, and emotionally tortured Angel. He even put her on a curfew while he was in jail before.

He kidnapped her from the street and threw her into a van from which she strangely dropped at 60mph.

Oblivious to the error of his ways and devoid of any economic reason, Boris Johnson refuses to reverse the April tax rise.

Stubbornness, PM, is not strength. A strong government listens. It shifts tack if its case crumbles.

Even if prosecutors couldn’t blame Bowskill for her injuries, his kidnapping led to them.
That means reducing the cost of living, not increasing it, as raising National Insurance will do.

Boris can legitimately claim its termination as a Covid win.

His correct actions — the furlough, early jabs and boosters, keeping England open for business — have reduced unemployment and increased tax receipts by billions.

So the budget can now swerve or delay the tax increase.

Lord Frost understands this, as he explains why he quit Government:

A failure to exploit Brexit by lowering taxes and regulations, investing extensively in neglected areas, and avoiding “rising everyday costs”.

That is, by fulfilling the 2019 Tory manifesto.

Countless outraged backbenchers agree.

Listen, PM.

Dick to the Met Police catastrophes dossier under Cressida Dick, now we have her jackbooted Partygate intervention.

She should have waited for civil servant Sue Gray’s full report before questioning the PM.

Kidnapping is a life sentence. So why is he so pitiful?
Instead, she caved in to pressure and went in.

Result: Lawyers scratch out everything that could jeopardise the police investigation.

Not to mention the months of frantic speculation about what’s missing.

Paralysis at No10 could benefit Labour. It serves no purpose.

It’s your fault, Dame Cressida.

You can help Angel Lynn’s family with their fundraiser here.