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Everyone Has A Taste Of Our World-Class Cakes Delights

Craving for some desserts, wanting to have something sweet. We have the best options in the city for you to fulfil your dessert needs. So make each day of your life a cheat day and sneak some beautiful cakes and pastries into your life. We have a wide range of cakes for every occasion. But deep down we believe that one should not wait for any special occasion to have a cake. 

Make every day of your life a great day. If your wife is angry, then gift her a red velvet cake. Son scored well in his tests; praise him with chocolate truffle cake to show your affection towards him. Invited into a party, grab a cake from our store and be the center of attraction of the party. Get promoted in your office and celebrate by ordering a beautiful and tasty cake. The availability of a large variety of cakes is what makes our shop special in town. Some of the best cakes are mentioned below.

Smash The Pinata Cake

Whether you have a birthday party or a gender reveal party. We can make a pinata cake for every occasion. Pinata cake is a new concept in the baking world made with an outer crust of a hard thick and rich chocolate within which anything can be placed in this cake. 

While celebrating, one will first have to crack the upper hard chocolate shell to reach the gift placed inside it. The inner items can be replaced by yummy rich chocolate syrup, which will flow out once the outer crust is broken.

Pull Me Up Cake

It’s a very exciting cake concept where the bottom three layers will be a cake of your choice. It will then be raped from the sides with a plastic wrapper so that only the top and bottom are open. So, on the bottom side, there will be cake while from the top, it’s covered with rich syrups of chocolate. 

Before cutting the cake, you have to pull up the plastic wrapper; after pulling, the syrup, which was loaded on the top of it, will flow down, covering the cake from all sides, giving the feel of lava flowing down the mountains. Everything on this cake is fully customizable, and you can also make it over a theme. So, order cake online and gift this beautiful cake to your loved ones.

Red Rose Basket Combo Cake

Whether it’s a date with a loved one or a birthday, or you want to make valentine’s day special. Present your loved ones a red rose basket combo cake and fill your life with joy. The hamper comes with a basket of beautiful red roses and a cake. 

Most people prefer red velvet cake with it, but it is customizable. You can order the cake of your wish, but the minimum weight deliverable begins from 1 kg. So order Cake Delivery In Delhi to make your special day more special.

KitKat And Gems Cake

This cake is mostly preferred for birthday parties and get-togethers. The main cake is a full chocolate cake with rich and creamy icing, and two layers of KitKat chocolate surround the cake. Chocolate is sprinkled all over it, to increase its beauty gems. If you want, we can change the base cake flavour into any flavour of your choice, but the price of the cake will vary accordingly.

Old-Monk Cake (For adults only)

Whether it’s a bachelor party or an office party, this cake will blow everyone’s mind off. It’s a unique concept. In this cake there is a big 1-litre bottle of old-monk alcohol enclosed in three layers of cake. For ordering this cake, you have to show us four id proofs to make sure that you are legally an adult. Although this cake would be a bit pricey, it will also bring a different charm to the party. 

Heavenly butterscotch cream cake

This is one of our best cake one must try this cake And he or she will fall in love with the texture of it.The base of this cake is  made above up off vanilla and caramel crumbles  is sprinkled between the layers.It is then covered with thick layer off butterscotch cream and liquid caramel is poured over it. Then it is garnished by cookie crumbles and dark chocolate disks are decorated on top of it. 

This cake is then put into a deep freezer for about 5 hours and is kept there at a temperature of – 10 degree celsius. After 5 hours it is then kept inside a normal cooler so that its temperature increases slowly thus giving it it’s smooth texture which instantly melts in your mouth. The minimum order weight of this cake is 1 kilogram.

After seeing a wide range of cakes, one can easily compare which shop is the best. Our cakes are not only exciting to look at, but also they are extremely tasty. Now don’t think twice, grab your favourite cakes here and experience a heavenly delight