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SWEARY DUKE ‘Scruffy’ Prince Andrew told cops to ‘f*** off’ when they thought he was an INTRUDER in Buckingham Palace security scare

Paul Page, a six-year Royal Protection officer at the Palace, called the prince “rude” and “a bully.”

According to Page, the alleged encounter occurred in the early 2000s.

“We were reviewing CCTV in the control room at night when we spotted a man walking along the Queen’s private quarters corridor,” he added.

“Since Her Majesty wasn’t in Buckingham Palace, this was a big security concern.”

“A sergeant, myself, and two other policemen investigated her apartments.

This allowed us to surround the possible intruder. When we arrived, we saw it was Prince Andrew.”

“He was grungy and in a tracksuit,” Page added.

We proceeded to look into a possible intruder in Her Majesty’s quarters,” I added.

Prince Andrew lives with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park.

However, when in London, the Queen’s favoured son had his own lodgings at Buckingham Palace.

A***hole and bully, according to Page, Andrew’s behaviour is usual.

“I never had any issues with other Royals throughout my tenure at Buckingham Palace,” he added. The Queen is a beauty.

“But Prince Andrew had a dark side, he mistreated staff.” So long he got away with it.”
Earlier this month, Page was questioned by ITV’s Ranvir Singh for the documentary “Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile.”

A royal servant moving the Duke of York’s vast collection of stuffed animals would cause a tantrum, he said in the interview.

On his nightstand was a picture of Andrew with his 50-60 bears lined up correctly.

“The laminated photo was because if the maids didn’t place the bears back in the exact sequence, he would scream,” he claimed.

Page told The Sun Online he used the storey to highlight how the prince “coerced and mistreated his servants”.

He has also asked for a royal bullying probe into Prince Andrew, The Mirror reported.

Swindling colleagues, acquaintances, and family out of money was Page’s crime in 2009.

His sentence was served when he accepted his guilt.

Andrew reportedly forced a former Buckingham Palace maid run up four flights of stairs to close his drapes while he sat next to them.

Charlotte Briggs, a former Buckingham Palace employee, said the Duke’s rants left her in tears.

A spokesman for Prince Andrew has been contacted.

“Andrew says, ‘This is my house, go where I want.’