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Survey on powers of Limerick’s Directly Elected Mayor

The function of a Directly Elected Mayor will be decided later this year and it is vital that the people of Limerick express their views now.

According to Social Democrat Councillor Elisa O’Donovan, the party’s Limerick branch is organising a survey to assess public opinion on the new role’s powers.

The survey is available on ‘Social Democrats Limerick’ Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

“Limerick voters approved a directly elected mayor nearly three years ago, but the job has received little attention since. In light of the pandemic, this is acceptable, however an election to fill the seat will take place later this year,” said Cllr O’Donovan.

“As the first Directly Elected Mayor in Ireland, there is no precedent for how this office should work. No other jurisdictions, like London, have successfully elected Directly Elected Mayors. Our local government is going to undergo a major overhaul, and it is vital that the people of Limerick have their say. We want to hear if you think this role should be ceremonial or powerful. We also want to know what topics and policies people want the new Mayor to focus on.

“I encourage everyone to fill out this poll and let their incoming Mayor know what they want.

Social Democrats Housing Spokesperson Cian O’Callaghan stated a directly elected mayor may benefit the city and county.

“The election of directly elected Mayors should spur change, not reinforce it. Locally elected Mayors must be empowered to lead change.”
“The directly elected Mayor’s powers and functions should be similar to successful models elsewhere. In particular, the oversight of housing and regeneration programmes.