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SPOOKED BY SOCIAL MEDIA Travis Scott deletes Instagram after getting trolled for his Batman costume for Halloween

TRAVIS Scott cancelled his Instagram account after it was mocked over his Halloween costume, according to reports.

Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy, was forced to deactivate his Instagram account on Sunday when several users compared his brown Batman attire to that of a “flea” or “UPS Batman.”


Travis flaunted his Michael Keaton-inspired ensemble to his 40 million Instagram followers while posing in front of two of his brown automobiles, as seen above.

While the Sicko Mode rapper was happy with his DC superhero get-up, others were less than enthusiastic about it.

One fan thought Travis – who is married to Kylie and has a two-year-old daughter named Stormi – looked more like the flea from the animated show!

Mucha Lucha! (A lot of fight)

Because of the brown colour of his costume, he was likened to a UPS delivery driver by another person.

“Travis Scott is drowning in millions of cash right now, and he couldn’t even get a decent Batman suit, smh,” commented a third reviewer.

In the words of another, “Travis Scott has rendered Batman swagger-less. Can someone explain how to classify him as one of the worst things that has ever happened to hip hop?”


Some fans suggested that Travis’s decision to remove himself from social media may have had nothing to do with the negative response to his costume.

His most recent single, Franchise (Remix), was released last month, and some fans speculated that it was a marketing trick to tease the release of additional new music.

Travis’ relationship has been on and off for a long time. Kylie was also criticised for her Halloween outfit, which she wore last week.

Following her Halloween costume, the 23-year-old beauty mogul was mocked alongside her sister Kim Kardashian, who was dressed as Carole Baskin.

Kylie responded to a troll who stated she looked like a “plastic ranger” by saying, “and we love recycling.”

And on Halloween night itself, Kylie chose to ignore the uproar by dressing up as a king cobra in a costume she designed herself.

It comes after The Sun exclusively claimed that Kylie is “at war” with her sister Kim, which sparked widespread speculation.

This month, the KUWTK star was conspicuously absent from the Kardashian-Jenner family’s trip to Wyoming, as well as Kim’s 40th birthday celebrations on an exclusive island.

Kylie, who was 23 at the time of her death, is said to have had professional responsibilities that prevented her from joining her family.

Insiders, on the other hand, believe it was due to a major falling out between the actress and her older sister.

According to a reliable source: “At least two of the sisters are constantly at odds with one another – that’s just how families are – but there is particularly heated conflict between Kylie and Kim right now.

“First and foremost, Kylie did not have the time or want to quarantine herself for two weeks before to the trip, and she informed her of this. She’s fed up with Kim making demands and expecting everyone to comply with her orders.

“But she also didn’t want the added strain of going on a long journey with Kim, with whom she has a running spat about everything from how much she ‘owes her success’ to Kim, to who is the more successful of the two.”