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Smart Home Devices Essential for the Digital Age

The world is moving towards a digital age. Everything we use nowadays has made its way into the digital sphere, whether it be ride-hailing apps such as Uber or home devices that we can have remote control access to 24/7. With an increase in digital spending of the average American household during this pandemic – from laptops to gaming consoles, people have started investing in smart home devices to ensure a steady and safe environment for themselves and their loved ones.

Smart Home Devices Essential for the Digital Age

Smart home devices have increased in variety and capability over the past decade, as everything is becoming accessible to us from our phone screens. You can easily check the door locks to your home, or even set the temperature of your home with the tap of a finger. Convenience and security are what that are really provided by these smart home devices, which ensure users are stress-free and at peace within and outside of their homes.

There are many pros to the installation of smart devices in our living spaces. Not only do they create convenience and safety, but they also provide remote control access to your home functions from anywhere, whether you are at home or away. You can always count on these smart devices to update and notify you about whatever is going on in your house. Additionally, they help in saving up and utilizing energy in the most efficient way, which is not only better for the environment but also easy on your pocket.

Here are some of the best smart home products that can get you started on making your living space fully automated secure!

Smart Thermostats

You are probably wondering how a thermostat can be smart. Well, smart thermostats feature built-in motion detection technology, so they can automatically pick up on whether if you are away from home. Turning the temperature up or down based on weather forecasts and through mobile apps can help in saving energy and in increasing your monetary savings. Through detailed analysis reports of energy consumption as featured by certain smart thermostats, you can further change heating and cooling settings in order to control energy usage. Some smart thermostats support HVAC systems — they can notify the users of any heating and cooling issues including external monitoring of temperatures, and air filter replacement notifications as well.

What makes smart thermostats convenient is the ability to control them via voice commands and through smartphones; you no longer have to walk up to the thermostat to set the temperature when you can easily do it through your smartphone whether you’re at home or away.

Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants have become fairly common, from Apple Home to Alexa as they have become household names. The reason for the recent increase in demand for voice assistants is the accessibility and convenience that they provide given that they are compatible with almost every other smart device. Whether it’s to play a song while you’re washing the dishes or adjusting the smart lights to set the mood for date night. When news updates, playing music, weather updates, and train schedules are only a voice command away, who wouldn’t want to invest in such a device?

Voice Assistants can easily be configured to other smart devices in your living space and integrate their commands, which makes managing and controlling devices such as smoke detectors or smart door locks, or any other smart device accessible not only through their respective mobile apps but through voice control as well.

Smart Cameras

Home security and safe environments need cameras that can provide crystal clear HD quality video for surveillance of your home. No one wants blurry and grainy video surveillance in this area at least. This is where smart cameras come in. By providing HD video quality while processing the events around your surroundings such as identifying animals, people, and vehicles and providing the user with timely alerts, who would want to continue using traditional cameras with subpar qualities?

These smart cameras require Wi-Fi connections to record and store surveillance footage, but they are also available with local storage, which enables cameras to continue recording video until regaining connectivity so that not even a second of safety is compromised. Smart Cameras however aren’t only set up for outside surveillance but for inside activity recording as well — to keep an eye on your children, your loved ones, and even your pets. With two-way audio, you can communicate from both ends of the camera too.

Smart Switches

Lighting and ambiance play a key role in setting up the right environment for different activities —whether it is an all-nighter kind of ambiance or a relaxing movie night with friends and family after a long work week. With smart switches, users can now control the brightness of the lights of any room through their smartphone apps or simply by enabling voice commands if they have a smart speaker around. You don’t have to get up each time you want to make a slight adjustment in the lighting.

Being able to control your light settings from anywhere is also an added advantage, whether you want to save up on energy bills or simply schedule them to turn on when you return home. With the fading light option, you can even optimize your lighting when you are leaving a room or going to bed.

All in All…

With how things have evolved in these years, smart homes are inevitable. There are plenty of American homes turning into smart homes, and all you need is a few smart devices to begin with, no extreme renovations required. So if you’re looking for some smart home devices, head on over to First Energy Home’s website, www.firstenergyhome.com.