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SHAM KINAHAN Daniel Kinahan’s claims he’s not involved in boxing branded ‘utter sham’ after second pic with fighter emerges

Claims by MOB head Daniel Kinahan that he is no longer involved in professional fighting have been called “a total sham”.

Earlier this week, Lee McGregor, 24, shared a selfie with the druglord in Dubai.

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It comes only days after Liverpool mixed martial artist Darren Till posted a photo of the two on a beach in the Emirate of Dubai.

It has been said before that the Dublin crime boss doesn’t have any connections with MTK Global. Both fighters are signed to them.

The problem is that Kinahan has been accused of putting his cartel’s reputation for drugs and killing on the front page of the newspaper.

He said that no one should keep quiet about who the notorious mobster really is.

He said: “Once again, professional fighters praise Daniel Kinahan as a very important adviser.”



Any claim that Daniel Kinahan is no longer in the fight game is just a lie by now.

It’s not fair for Daniel Kinahan to live a happy life in exile while the families of his gang’s victims are still grieving back home in Ireland.

This man isn’t who he says he is.

It says that Daniel Kinahan is the most notorious mob boss Ireland has seen in a long time, and his cartel has caused misery on the streets of our capital city through drugs and terror. He has also killed people.”

“We need to see promoters, fighters, commercial partners, and most importantly, the TV companies, take a stand and stop this sport washing. We need to see this stop.”



After pulling out of his scheduled fight against Armenian Narek Abgaryan in Manchester, citing injury and family reasons, McGregor traveled to Dubai to meet with Kinahan. McGregor is unbeaten in 11 professional fights, with nine knockouts.

Before flying back to Edinburgh after his father’s truck accident left him with life-threatening injuries, he had been training in Las Vegas.

Following InSight Crime’s announcement that Kinahan was one of the leaders of a mega cartel that trafficked $33 million worth of cocaine into the Netherlands in 2018, new images of him have emerged.

It has been disbanded by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

The consortium’s lone survivor, according to InSight Crime, is Kinahan.



Erdogan Taghi, Naoufal “Belly” Fassih, and ­Raffaele Imperiale are said to be the other leaders of the cartel, as well.

When Taghi, a Dutch-Moroccan man, is tried for a series of murders in the Netherlands, he will be locked up for a while. In 2019, he was kicked out of Dubai because he had a fake passport.

On the way to a hotel in Dubai, Kinahan almost got arrested as part of the operation. He was meeting with lawyers for Taghi.

He is also in prison in the Netherlands, where he was found guilty of ordering one murder and another attempt to kill someone.

It took six years for the mob boss Imperiale to be caught in Dubai. He was 48 when he was caught. He is being held in Dubai, and he is likely to be sent back to Italy to serve eight years for drug crimes.


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