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‘TWISTED PURPOSE’ Fine Gael TD filled with ‘cold sense of dread’ after man sent her sexually explicit videos during 2020 election

During the 2020 election campaign, a Fine Gael TD revealed a man sending her sexually explicit recordings sent her a “cold sweat”.

Jennifer Carroll MacNeill read her victim impact statement during Gerard Culhane’s sentencing hearing. Culhane, 43, sent her three sexually graphic videos and messages in early 2020.


sexually explicit videos during 2020 election


Culhane, 43, of Marian Place, Glin, Co Limerick, admitted harassing the victim between January 13 and March 26, 2020.

He has no priors.

During that time, Culhane allegedly sent the TD 13 messages, including three sexually explicit films he later revealed to Garda.

Ms. Carroll MacNeill said the intimidation from Culhane was “extremely difficult to deal with” during a general election.

The deputy informed the court she didn’t want to waste the time of the court, the Garda, or the DPP.

She stated she’d rather work in the Oireachtas, serve her constituents, and spend time with her kid.

I had to utilize my time to seek it because some man decided it was okay to enter my life, thoughts, and sense of security for whatever twisted purpose he got out of it.


sexually explicit videos during 2020 election


“I do not want to be sexualized in this way, in sexual media articles.”

Ms. Carroll MacNeill claimed she was concerned about her safety because she was campaigning for a general election and meeting as many people as possible.

She said she was scared when she got the messages and didn’t want to think about her safety.

“No one should have to get unwanted sexual content,” Ms. Carroll MacNeill added.

“It influenced me significantly in my quest to become an elected representative.”

Judge Patricia Ryan delayed the case to October 21, citing a lack of a previously required Probation Report.

Culhane was remanded until October.

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