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Sex and the City’s Steve Brady sparks rise in requests for hearing aids after ‘And Just Like That’

The hit Sex and the City spin-off ‘And Just Like That’ has increased hearing aid requests.

Miranda Hobbes constantly reminds her husband Steve to wear his hearing aids.
Since the series premiered on December 9, Hidden Hearing has experienced a 26% spike in appointment requests.

As an audiologist, Dolores Madden, marketing director for Hidden Hearing, says the series has increased hearing test appointments.

“There is no shame in requiring hearing aids and everyone should be getting regular hearing checks,” Madden added.

“Our most popular search demographic is 35-44, but hearing loss affects everyone.”

The Sex and the City revival’s creative staff has been criticised for their aging-reflective efforts.

But for David Eigenberg, who plays Steve Brady, his hearing loss tale was influenced by his own personal experience.

Like his character Max in the HBO Max series, Eigenberg recently obtained hearing aids.