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Sales of electric cars increase in Limerick as top-selling make and models of 2021 are revealed

This is a 149% increase over 2020’s 93 electric car sales, according to the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI).

For the year, hybrid car sales increased significantly, while electric cars represented about a third of all vehicle sales in Limerick.

For 2021, the most popular model makes were revealed.

Limerick car consumers preferred Toyota (460) over Ford (401) and Volkswagen (200). (383). Top-selling
This is an increase of 8.72 percent over the previous year’s sales of 3,200 new automobiles sold in Limerick, according to SIMI. Although lower than in 2019, the final typical year before Covid-19 (3,884).

With both Covid and Brexit issues affecting supply and demand for cars, the Irish Motor Industry faced another difficult year in 2021, warned SIMI Director General Brian Cooke. Neutral on the year, new car sales are up 19% over 2020. While this is encouraging, we may anticipate to see an increase in the number of new electric vehicles on Irish roads in 2022. (112).