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Rust film armourer blames ammunition supplier in lawsuit

A NEW LAWSUIT accuses an ammunition supplier of setting dangerous conditions on a film set where an actor’s gun killed a cinematographer.

The provider allegedly erred by adding real ammo in a shipment intended for solely simulated bullets.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, along with two other armourers on the set of Rust, filed a lawsuit in New Mexico state district court.

On October 21, 2017, Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed during a Rust rehearsal on a ranch north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office says it is too early to know whether charges will be filed.

Investigators saw “some complacency” in the handling of guns on set.

Gutierrez-Reed accuses ammunition supplier Seth Kenney and his company PDQ Arm & Prop of bringing live bullets to a set intended for only blanks and dummies.

According to the lawsuit, “the rushed and frantic atmosphere created an ideal storm for a safety incident.” No comment from Kenney.

He previously stated that his organisation sent no live bullets to the set of Rust.

Custody chain

The lawsuit describes the emergence of a new box of ammunition – supposed to be harmless dummy rounds with no explosive – soon before a handgun was loaded and passed to Baldwin on the Rust set on October 21.

The live round was found in December at PDQ Arm & Prop in Albuquerque.

Unfair trade tactics, introducing harmful items, and deceptive labelling and misrepresentation are all alleged in the latest action.

“A suspected seven live bullets spread within the ammo box, on the ammo cart, and in the bandoliers,” the report says.

It also claims Kenney inserted himself into the investigations to implicate Gutierrez-Reed.

Authorities found hundreds of rounds of ammunition on the Rust set, including blanks, dummy rounds, and live rounds.

This includes text messages, photographs, videos, calls and any other material relevant to the film.

Baldwin claims he had no idea the gun he was pointing at Hutchins was loaded with live ammunition.