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Rubber Based Adhesive

The adhesive is a kind of product that binds two products & helps to resist their separation. It is also known as cement, paste, glue, or mucilage & an example of a non-metallic substance. The benefits & uses of rubber-based adhesives’ advantages surpass the benefits of sewing, fastening, welding & fastenings. Adhesive ensures that there is an even distribution of stress across the material it is supposed to bind together. There are also several disadvantages which include decreasing stability at the higher temperature & relatively weaker when you try sticking large objects with a small bonding area, also there will be great difficulty while separating objects during testing.

On the other hand, you need to organize adhesive by following the method of adhesion that is reactive & non-reactive. These terms refer to the fact whether the adhesive gets harden by chemical reacts or not. Also, you can organize it by their physical phase which is their raw stock of natural & synthetic origin.

Rubber-based adhesives are made by using synthetic & natural rubbers. They also can bond with various substrates, such as both dissimilar & similar subjects. The rubber-based adhesive is economical, but heat or higher temperature may manipulate the outcome of how it will react to any surface.

Cyanoacrylate, also known as super glue, is considered the best adhesive for rubber bonding. It requires a very small amount to make it strong & rigid, that too very quickly. If the joint doesn’t bond well & falls apart, this may happen due to the poor quality of rubber.

We will discuss here the rubber-based adhesive that Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd., also known as JPPL, has been producing for years. Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd., is a well-known name & leading manufacturer of rubber-based adhesive in India. It was established in Rajasthan at Jaipur, 20 years ago. The company has worked for more than 100 satisfied customers all over the world. The company is a technological hub of packaging in the nation, also a solution provider & researcher. The activities of the firm include various things that are making products from scratch, product advice, delivering world-class products by doing extensive research.


The company is driven by values and believes in professionalism in the work culture.

The company was awarded an exporter of the year in 2020 in the small business award category by Franchise India.


Rubber-based adhesive by JPPL

JPPL is a large manufacturer of adhesive rubber surface in the country, it produces all-purpose solvent rubber adhesive that dissolves quickly. As the application requires very high bond strength & shear strength to make the base solid, the company ensures that it doesn’t fail in delivering that. The adhesive the company makes is fast-drying, benzene free & has stronger bond formation than other adhesives in the market. The adhesive is formulated to be used as a heavy-duty application that is double-sided cloth tapes. And it is also highly suitable for other various applications like leather, foam, synthetic foam, films, etc. The adhesive the company offers can be customized in white & transparent colors with a variety of peel strength & tack.


Features of rubber-based adhesive produced by JPPL

The rubber-based hot melt adhesive produced by the company is highly efficient and produced with the help of high technology. The adhesive the company produces has several features, such as-

  • The rubber adhesive that the company produces has high-quality parameters for multiple applications.
  • The adhesive tacks & peels are higher than the market standard.
  • It ensures a stable & perfect coating while using.
  • The adhesive has customizable properties as per needs.
  • The company also ensures customization as per customers’ requirements.


Usage of rubber-based adhesive produced by JPPL

The rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive has plenty of usages, that includes from personal usage to industrial usages. But the adhesive is majorly used for manufacturing pressure-sensitive self-adhesive tapes that require a major stronghold to stick to a surface as long as it is meant to be.


Price of rubber-based adhesive produced by JPPL

The price of rubber-based adhesive produced by JPPL is economical & cost-effective as per industry standard. As it is used widely for industrial purposes, the wholesale price has been fixed by keeping that in mind.


Though the rubber-based adhesive has plenty of usages, it is mainly desired & used in industrial units. If you are looking for adhesives for personal usages the company ensures the quality for a single unit as well.