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RTE viewers hail Kildare ace Mary Hulgraine as ‘inspirational’ after Late Late Show interview

After her appearance on Friday’s Late Late Show, Mary Hulgraine was hailed as inspirational by RTE viewers.

On Friday night’s long running chat programme, the goalie opened up about overcoming her Oxycontin and alcohol addictions when she returned to the county panel.
Hulgraine, who went to America to play college basketball, revealed on Friday night’s broadcast that he was prescribed Oxycontin following surgery.

Hulgraine stated of her Oxycontin addiction: “I got it after surgery. I just took it. I never touched anything yet I recall taking this to relieve physical, emotional, and mental suffering. It was numbness.

“My head was continually buzzing, but that went away after I took the pills.”

I was on a really high dose that I shouldn’t have been on, and then I had another leg surgery and was on an even higher level.

It was a bigger procedure and I was going to get more of the medicine.

That screaming head was always there, therefore its absence was a miracle.

“My thinking had shifted.”

Added Hulgraine: “When I returned home, it was as if my fantasy had been broken.

“That’s where my alcoholism began when I returned home.

“I utilised basketball to get away from oxycontin, booze, and other narcotics.”

She also spoke on her time with Kildare, saying: “I rejoined the squad in 2016 hoping it would help me get my life back together and offer me structure…

“I had no idea what was wrong with me; I felt I was insane. Not knowing I had an alcohol and drug addiction.

“I woke up one day and said, “I don’t want to be here anymore,” and decided to take my own life.

“Bailey, my dog, saved my life. I’d look at him and say, “Who cares?”

“The feeling inside my chest was pure love when I saw this dog since I had drowned myself and my feelings for so long.

Then she replied, “I wonder if I stop drinking would my head normalise?”

“Wow Mary Hulgraine is such a brave, strong and amazing lady,” said one RTE viewer.