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RTE 2FM’s Dave Fanning says radio stations should be forced to play more music by Irish artists

2FM’s Dave Fanning says the BTAI should require radio stations to broadcast more Irish music.

Louis Walsh recently stated that radio stations “need to support their own more”, adding that “Irish radio will not play enough Irish recordings and I just don’t understand”.
Dave told us that restriction in Canada and France mandate stations to promote their own – and he thinks the same should be done here.

“He’s (Louis Walsh) dead on. The issue is, I think playing Irish artists all day long would be completely foolish. Without a doubt. It wouldn’t be good.

“However, there is a law in France and Canada that every third or fourth music on French or Canadian radio must be by a French or Canadian band. “I like it.”

According to French law, 40% of all music aired on national radio must be in French. The regulation was passed two decades ago to defend the native music industry from an English language invasion.

The CRTC currently demands that 60% of annual programming and 50% of daily programming from 6 pm to midnight be Canadian. The CanCon threshold for private TV broadcasters was reduced to 55% in May 2011.
“The station constantly has Irish shows. Those programs are under-heard. For example, playing the Beatles or Sex Pistols followed by an Irish band works on that level.

“There is a lot of nice stuff. It doesn’t have to be rock or pop. You may play old Irish music. No station should be permitted to get away with forcing people do that for a month or even a week. “Every radio station must.”

But he argued “all Irish forever” wasn’t working.

“Whose airwaves? The Irish own the airwaves and while they have to make a living and make things work, they should be subject to legislation, like the Canadian and French laws. Just make sure every fourth song is an Irish performer. It wouldn’t hurt anyone or turn them off.”

Louis Walsh recently questioned how we can break a new act if we don’t support our own musicians.

No radio stations will play our own bands, so how can we break them? That is my issue. All Irish stations play UK music. Why don’t we fight back, and why don’t record labels? Crazy how they get away with that.

“There are so many great young people here that we can only hear them grow on the radio.”

He told the Irish Independent it was even true for Westlife.

Even with Westlife, he had to struggle for radio play. “It’s like the stations think they’re helping you. We receive ‘Records of the Week’ on BBC, we get A-listed, it’s so much easier.”

However, RTE reminded out that 2FM just released its 2FM Rising list.