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Ross Butler Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2022

Ross Butler is a Singapore-born, American actor. He’s best known for his role in 13 Reasons Why, and he’s the hottest and bulkiest guy in the cast.

Ross Butler is showing off his fantastic physique as the new season approaches. Don’t worry if you want to know Ross Butler’s workout and diet plan so you can have his body.

Ross Butler Workout Routine

Ross Butler is a great actor. His workout routine has changed due to his roles; I found his latest interview with Men’s Health last October, where he shared some essential facts and showed his fridge and gym.

Ross Butler tells Men’s Health he’s happy 13 reasons why Riverdale is over. While the show was enjoyable for Ross, it never allowed him to bulk up.


Ross Butler Workout


Ross Butler was ripped before moving to LA, but he couldn’t keep up the bulk because of his high school roles in 13 reasons why and Riverdale.

Ross Butler Workout Includes:

Ross about HIIT and cardio

Ross Butler said he used HIIT and cardio to stay lean in high school-themed shows. Ross didn’t like HIIT workouts because they help you get in shape but not build muscles.

He did like the Non-Impact cardio workout. So it’s now part of his workout routine. Ross did sprints and practice compound movements with a few heavyweights with other cast members in that HIIT routine for 13 reasons.

Ross Butler Weight training

After high school, Ross gained weight. He’s bulking up well by focusing on weightlifting. Ross Butler performs seated dumbbell curls, barbell curls, upright rows, etc.

He works out one or two body parts per day and lifts weights four to five days per week. Ross gets leaner for roles by doing compound movements and HIIT workouts.

Ross Butler Diet Plan

Ross Butler explained that he is a food lover and therefore trains his body whenever he knows there will be good food. Thomas DeLauer is Ross’s nutritionist. Mostly fruits, vegetables, and lean meat like chicken, turkey, salmon, etc.

Ross’ diet plan includes fasting, non-fasting, and no-carb days. Stickers and notes on his fridge remind him of his diet plans. On cheat days, Ross Butler eats ramen and Malaysian Chicken Curry.

Ross Butler drinks protein shakes and takes nearly 15 different vitamins per day, including multivitamins, fish oil, and others. He enjoys eating potatoes and red meat when he is not on a diet. Don’t forget your daily water intake. Ross Butler Diet Plan.