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Rodney Blackstock’s Family And Kids: Meet The Ex-Husband Of Maria Taylor

Rodney Blackstock owns The Auto Club Group in Buckhead, Georgia. He was also in the September/October issue of an Atlanta Magazine. He speaks about his upcoming Blackstock Agency in August 2020.

Rodney Blackstock is supposedly single in 2021

In the 2007 NBA draught, he was an unrestricted free agent. Over the course of three years, he worked as a sports agent for Apexblack. As Maria Taylor’s ex-husband, he’s the most well-known person in Hollywood. He became well-known as a result of his ex-professional wife’s success and reputation.

His ex-wife has created a name for herself on ESPN. The Maria devotees are delving deep into his private life. They’re mostly interested in learning about his personal life, including his marriage and children.

Personal and Family Life of Rodney Blackstock

Rodney Blackstock was born in Greensboro, NC on October 29, 1980. His Brazilian heritage means he speaks fluent Portuguese. He had a difficult childhood travelling between foster homes. He studied commercial and advertising art.

In his 12 years, he has only seen his mother three times. His friend Dwon Clifton’s parents adopted him permanently. His transitory foster homes ended when he found a permanent one.

In 2019, he married Maria Taylor. Their wedding took place at the Hilton Sandestin in Destin, Florida. There were reports the pair had split up. But the news of their split was real.

Rodney Blackstock is clearly single in 2021. Maria has a new husband and they are formally divorced. He is not currently dating anyone, nor does his social media suggest that he is.

Rodney Blackstock

He was exposed to a wide range of people in his early years, allowing him to gain a better understanding of his own experiences. By playing and excelling at basketball, he was able to overcome the loss of his mother. He became acquainted with Dwon Clifton because of his passion for sports.

It wasn’t an issue for him because he was able to play basketball with him. For him, it was likewise an area of interest that developed later in life. In 2019, he was probed for his ties to UNC basketball star PJ Hairston.

Rodney Blackstock And Maria Taylor

They met in 2014 during a Charlotte Hornets game in North Carolina. Maria was the first to see Rodney. Inquiring about Maria’s relationship with one of their common friends, Mr. Post-game in the locker room.

Rodney Blackstock And Maria Taylor

Rodney was the first to act. They exchanged numbers and went out for dinner that night. He proposed after eight months of dating. They planned to marry in June 2016. But they felt rushed and postponed the wedding.

A long period of inconsistency followed. They stayed together for three years. Rodney then proposed again on a hike near Los Angeles. On May 5th, they married legally on a beach in Destin, Florida.

Their shared passion for athletics bonded them. Their marriage ended prematurely. Maria and Rodney divorced for undisclosed reasons. They never said why they divorced.

Maria Taylor New Husband

Her fresh wedding photos have been released on Instagram. She captioned the picture with a beautiful message that the new couple is doing well:

But she hasn’t tagged her husband. Regardless, she is clearly enjoying her new marriage. He seems to prefer a low-profile life. Maria has also respected his privacy.

Maria Taylor Kids 

His marriage to Maria produced no children. He’d never married or been engaged before. He had no children from past partnerships. He’s rumoured to have kids as a celebrity. But so far, all rumours are true. Roger may consider having children in future relationships.