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Revolut, WhatsApp, AIB and Bank of Ireland all warning of new scams in Ireland

Fraudsters continue to attack the Irish market this week, warning of a flurry of fresh scams.

Recently, AIB, Bank of Ireland, WhatsApp, and Revolut have all been targeted.
Here’s the lowdown on the latest schemes:

“Hi Mum, my phone isn’t working, please call and text me on this number,” states the WhatsApp message.

The scammers then ask the unaware parent to provide bank credentials and make a payment.

The hoax prompted consumer group Which? to warn about it on social media.

Revolut Scammers are apparently phoning people’s phones and informing them their internet has to be updated.

In order to gain control of the device, they have the clients download a programme called TeamViewer.
They will then ask for your bank account information and a copy of your ID to verify your identity.

The fraudsters then download the Revolut app and transfer money from the victim’s bank account as payment.

“Using the copy of the injured party’s driving licence and their bank account details, they set up a Revolut account and transfer probably in the region of €4,000 out of their account,” said Sgt John Kelly of Fermoy Garda Station.

Short and simple, if you get a call from someone claiming to be from Eir or whatever and they ask you to install something on your phone or computer, just hang up.

AIB reminded the public that they will never give consumers a text message with a website link.

It comes after a Twitter user asked the university if a text message they received was real.

“@AskAIB It was sent to me. This is a hoax, and I haven’t clicked the link.

“I joined an AIB messaging thread.”

“AIB: A login attempt was attempted from Location: Manchester, GB,” they said. If this is not you, please go to aib-online-alert.com.

A bank customer support representative confirmed the communication was a fraud.

“Hello, Thanks for sharing. AIB will never send you a text message containing a website link.

“Delete any text messages with links.”

The Bank of Ireland text advises recipients to “urgently” visit a link to reclaim their accounts.

The Gardai advise individuals that banks will not send them messages with links and ask them to delete them.