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REIGN OF TERROR Evil killer Gavin Murphy subjected tragic partner Jennie Poole to living hell for nearly a year before murdering her

EVIL thug Gavin Murphy tortured Jennie Poole for a year before killing her.

Another neighbor told The Irish Sun, “He was a total ­bastard.”

Mother-of-two Murphy stabbed Jennie, 24, seven times in her Dublin apartment.

On April 29, a 30-year-old psychopath was sentenced to life in prison for her murder.

Before the fatal attack, the couple had “ongoing difficulties,” jurors heard.

Jennie’s family and friends noticed facial and body injuries and were suspicious despite her “benign” explanations.


REIGN OF TERROR Evil killer Gavin Murphy subjected tragic


Neighbors still “haunted” by the tragedy speak out today to describe the tragic mum’s verbal and psychological abuse.

Locals said Murphy screamed and roared at Jennie to “control” her and “cut her off” from friends.

One neighbor called Murphy “a total monster” after hearing about the abuse.

“He was a disgrace,” they said.

“But he controlled Jennie. She became unapproachable.

“He manipulated her. “He was scary.”

Tragic Jennie was stabbed to death in Finglas, Ireland, on April 17, 2021.

She met Murphy in May 2020, and he moved in “relatively quickly” afterward.

One neighbor was so upset by Murphy’s actions that they fled.


REIGN OF TERROR Evil killer Gavin Murphy subjected tragic



A local said, “They moved two weeks before the murder due to the situation.” The screaming had sold them two weeks earlier.

“He was scary and had no shame. It was a mystery. The fights were awful. Then he isolated her.

“It deteriorated. Not just one neighbor considered leaving. Others were selling out.

[One of them] had packed everything because the situation was deteriorating.


“You’d hear the kids screaming and everything he used to do. We hoped he’d be caught.

Jennie’s family says she hid the truth from them.

During emotional sentencing, they learned Murphy had been jailed in 2015 for stabbing a former partner and her mother.

The Poole family wants a domestic violence register to protect people in abusive relationships.

Jennie’s Law could save other abuse victims, say, neighbors.

“Our hearts are shattered,” said one. He locked the door to prevent her rescue.