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Registration of IE domains in Limerick increases by almost a third

A recent analysis shows a 30% growth in ‘dot ie’ domain registrations in Limerick last year.

According to, many businesses and people spent much of the 2021 shutdown developing new websites.

A total of 1,738 new.ie domains were registered in Limerick, according to IE.

It’s a 31.1% increase from pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

‘beauty’ and ‘home’ were the most popular.ie domain keywords in Limerick in 2021.

Last year, 11,859.ie domains were registered in Munster.

Over 50% have a security certificate, with.

Increased cyber dangers to Limerick firms.

However, the pandemic’s link to new.ie domain registrations appeared to ‘decouple’ in August, as.ie domain registrations grew despite the government’s hastened reopening plans.

“We believe this separation occurred because the Irish economy has mostly departed the pandemic’s ‘acute response’ phase. “Businesses have factored in the unpredictability of restrictions and limited trading ability,” Mr Curtin continued.

With a 6.5 percent annual growth rate, the.ie domain ranks third in Europe, behind behind Estonia’s.ee and Portugal’s.pt.

“When critical retail shuttered, new.ie domain registrations soared,” said.IE CEO David Curtin.