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Rege-Jean Page Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2022

actor Rege Jean Page Page is Roots’ Chicken George and Sylvie’s Love’s Chico Sweetney.

Rege Jean Page was born in London in 1990. He is British-Irish with Zimbabwean ancestry.




At the time, he created an impression in movies like The History Boys and Merchant of Venice. He began his career as an actor on stage. Rege Jean Page is an educated, gorgeous, and charismatic man with an intriguing and sexy demeanor. He’s a great skimmer. He has a muscular and aesthetically pleasing body with a wide range of impressive physical measurements.


Rege Jean Page body Stats

Height 5 ft 11 inches
Weight 75 kg
Chest 41
Waist 33
Biceps 14


Rege Jean Page Workout Routine

In order for Rege Jean Page’s fans to fall in love with him, the actor’s training program is the most important component. The actor stated that he goes to the gym every four days of the week, but he also takes a one-day rest after four days, and then he does whatever he likes with his body or his favorite sport on the next day. As a result of his strict workout regimen, he is able to maintain his ideal physique.

Fitness training by Rege Jean Page is ideal for those who wish to build a muscular physique and improve their general well-being. An experienced gym coach has documented and organized his workouts.


Strength or Endurance Training

Before beginning any workout, it is essential to perform an adequate warm-up or dynamic stretching. Warming up for 10 to 20 minutes will ensure that the muscles are working properly and supplying blood to the rest of the body.

Rege Jean Page’s workout includes


Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

No. of sets- 4

Reps no.- 12

Bench press with a medium grip
Drop the barbell.
It flies.
Straight triceps extension.
Reverse grip down


Shoulders and Back

No. of sets- 5

No. of reps- 8 to 10

Bicep curls.
Raise the side.
Pulldown with a wide grip.
Oblique barbell row.
Dumbbell sighs.
Romanian squat.



No. of sets- 4

No. of reps- 5 to 8

Lifted barbell.
Raise your calf.
Lunges barbell.
Treadmill run.
Rigid-leg deadlifts.


Mixed exercises for the whole body

No. of sets- 5

Reps count- 10 to 15

Lat raises.
Shoulder jog.
Back lunges.
Military squats.



Jumping rope.
Uphill running.
Framer’s walk.
Rope jump.
Elliptical machine exercise.

This is all about the workout routine of Rege Jean Page.


Rege Jean Page Diet plan

Rege Jean Page’s diet includes:


Porridge in a bowl.
Seeds of chia.
Almond butter spreads across two slices of bread.
Fruit and raisin-based desserts.


Brown rice in a tiny serving cup.
Soup with green vegetables.
Turkey breast cut into cubes.
Filets of tuna.


Quinoa in the form of a cup.
Fillets of salmon.
Nuts and fruits are healthy options.
A protein shake is what you’re looking for.


Brown rice in a cup.
Some muesli in my tea.
Toast with avocado as a topping is called an avocado toast.
Salads with a variety of ingredients.
Several pieces of grilled chicken.

This is all about the diet plan of Rege Jean Page.



Rege Jean Page is a British actor. When it comes to staying in great shape, he does a number of different things. Also, he eats healthful foods to help him maintain a healthy weight. When it comes to becoming in shape like Rege Jean Page, most of his followers follow a similar fitness regimen.


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