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RADIO SILENCE Doireann Garrihy makes no mention of ex-RTE 2FM breakfast co-host Eoghan McDermott as station insiders left ‘in dark’

Former co-star Eoghan McDermott was absent from DOIREANN Garrihy’s debut solo concert earlier today.

The 28-year-old presenter has been named as 2FM’s next host.

Following the confirmation of McDermott’s rumoured resignation from RTE earlier this week, the breakfast show presenter was announced.


RADIO SILENCE Doireann Garrihy makes no mention of ex-RTE 2FM breakfast co-host Eoghan McDermott as

The public broadcaster said that the 37-year-old presenter will not be returning to his position, weeks after it was rumoured that he was planning to depart.

Eoghan’s contract with RTE is set to expire soon, according to a statement released on Monday. RTE also announced that Doireann would continue to appear on the show as it moves in a “new direction.”

According to RTE, Eoghan McDermott will not be returning to RTE 2FM in the future. His contract is set to end in the near future,” according to the statement.

In the coming weeks, RTE will announce a new direction for the 2FM Breakfast Show, which will be unveiled by the company. Doireann Garrihy will continue to be a part of the show.”

The show’s name was changed to 2FM Breakfast without explanation, and Eoghan’s name and photo were taken from the RTE 2FM website in recent weeks, as well as from the RTE 2FM website.


After he unexpectedly took unplanned personal vacation, RTE has refused to comment further on his surprise departure.

But some of the DJ’s former colleagues claim he left them in the dark.

Before Monday’s brief announcement, the station has frequently refused to comment on reports predicting his departure.

“Since this was disclosed last month, there has been complete radio quiet on the entire situation,” a source told us.

‘If there was any truth to his allegations that he was leaving, it would have been extremely simple to put a stop to it,’ says the author. “But there was nothing spoken for weeks.”

An further insider stated: “We were not informed anything officially, but the fact that the stories of his departure were not disputed gave you reason to believe there was substance to it.”

For such a lengthy period of time, there has been no official comment,” says the author.