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Prime Video Not Working on Roku: Guide 2022

Imagine if best friends stopped talking. Without a solution, the situation becomes tense. True?

Roku is a streaming device that comes with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc. pre-loaded.

Prime Video Not Working

You don’t need to install them separately; just log in to stream them. So when the best streaming services and devices stop communicating, you can fix it.

What Causes Prime Video to Stop Working on Roku?

Amazon Prime Video stopped working on Roku for several reasons, including no or slow internet bandwidth, Amazon Prime account issues, or a device firmware update. These can be:

  • Roku won’t get Amazon Prime.
  • You can’t access Amazon Prime.
  • Amazon Prime videos won’t play.

These issues may occur without an error message.

They can happen when you click on the Amazon Prime icon or start playing a video from Amazon Prime.

Troubleshoot Prime Video not working on Roku

Prime Video on Roku has many issues.

Start with simple fixes and work your way up to complex ones. Let’s explore DIY solutions.

Checking your Internet Connection

This is the most common cause of Prime Video not working on Roku that we overlook.

If your computer or phone can’t connect to the internet, it’s likely a network issue.

Use another Roku TV app or a smartphone on the same wireless network to check.

You can connect to the internet on your phone, but not on Roku TV.

If so, restart Roku or your router to fix your internet connection.

Slow bandwidth is often the cause. Test your connection speed to see if you can run Amazon Prime on Roku.

Power Cycle/Restart your Roku Device

Restarting, also called power cycling, is the best way to fix common device glitches. This makes your device bug-free.

There are two ways to power cycle Roku.

Unplug the streaming device, wait a while, then plug it back in and reopen the app.

Or, use the Roku Home page to access Settings>System>Restart.

After rebooting, relaunch the Amazon Prime app.

Updating Roku Firmware

Unknowingly, your Roku TV may have outdated firmware. By updating the firmware, all apps are updated.

Firmware updates fix bugs and add new features.

You can manually update your Roku TV by following the steps below.

  • Press “Home” on your Roku remote and go to Settings.
  • System Update: Install updates and reboot if necessary.

Say NO to VPNs

Amazon doesn’t support VPNs because they hide your IP address when watching geo-blocked videos. For Amazon Prime to stream smoothly on Roku, make sure no VPN is active on your Roku TV or streaming device.

Uninstall to Reinstall the Amazon prime Video App

Nothing above worked? To reinstall Prime, uninstall it first. Simply do

  • Select Prime Video on the Roku home screen.
  • Select “Remove channel” from the remote’s Options menu.
  • Restart your Roku.
  • Choose Streaming Channels and Search Channels from the
  • Home screen. 
    Amazon Video

Your Amazon Prime app has been reinstalled with new, cache-free firmware.

Restart your Modem/Router

Restarting your router or modem usually fixes connectivity issues. Soft or hard reset your modem/router depending on the issue.

Soft reset, unplug and replug your modem/cable. router’s

Find the modem/reset router’s button to hard reset.

Once found, press for 10-15 seconds with a pin or pencil. A hard reset takes 1-2 minutes.

A hard reset stores your router/modem back to its factory settings. It’s usually used when you can’t connect your router or modem to your Roku or if your modem slows down your internet.

Review Your Amazon Prime Account 

If the solutions above don’t work, something is wrong with your Prime account.

First, ensure you have an active subscription. Second, check your login credentials. Incorrect logins can block your account.

When Amazon Prime servers are down, the app closes. Wait, then launch the app.

Factory Reset your Roku

A factory reset is similar to rebooting your router or modem to clear the cache.

A factory reset removes installed channels, downloaded content, and saved preferences (if any).

Roku TVs can be reset without a remote. factory-reset

  • Press the Roku remote’s home button. Settings>System>Advanced
  • Confirm Factory Reset Everything.

When none of the above options work, reset your Roku to factory settings.

Contact Roku Support

If neither solution works, contact Roku’s help center.

Roku’s support page lists issues. Choose your concern.

After choosing one, support articles should appear.

If that didn’t work, click Need More Help for two more options.

Select Send Email, fill out the form, and tap Send.

Amazon Prime Sundays are the best on Roku

Amazon recommends 1 mb/s for standard content and 5 mb/s for HD content.

If you follow the steps above and meet the speed requirements, you can watch Prime Sundays on Roku.

Quick Prime Video Troubleshooting Tips on Roku

Roku Prime Video troubleshooting tips:

  • An outdated Amazon Prime app can malfunction. First, make sure you have the latest app version. If not, use Amazon’s auto-update feature.
  • Try logging out and back into Amazon Prime Video. In Roku TV settings, select Unregistered devices. Then reboot. Launch Prime Video and log in again.

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