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Poll: Do you tip in restaurants and pubs?

APPROVED BY THE CABINET is the publication of a new law that will provide customers with clear information on where their tips and service charges are spent and prohibit the use of tips to “make up” for lower than expected wages under contractual agreements.

The Payment of Wages (Amendment) Bill, introduced by Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, will provide workers with greater clarity on the meaning of tips, gratuities, and service charges, according to the government.

Tipping and gratuities, but not service charges, will be excluded from a person’s contractual wages under the new legislation, and employers will be required to display prominently their policy on the distribution of cash and credit card tips.

Tip distribution in electronic form – such as through debit or credit cards or smart phones – will also be subject to fairness, equity, and transparency requirements on the part of businesses.