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Pete Davidson tells Kanye West ‘calm down’ in texts and calls Kim Kardashian an ‘amazing mother’

Pete Davidson has sent a series of texts to Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West, in which he tries to defend her.

Dave Sirus, a writer for Saturday Night Live (SNL), posted screenshots of the texts to his Instagram account. The post has since been removed.

When Davidson sends text messages, he tells West to “calm down.” He says that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Past month, Ye, who is now known as West, has been using Instagram to make a public plea to Kim Kardashian to take him back. He also made a music video in which it looks like West is burying a cartoon head of Davidson in the ground.

 Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian

It said, “Can you please take a moment and calm down,” the first text from Davidson said. You don’t have to do this at 8 am. She’s the best mother I’ve ever met.

Afterward, he said: “What she does for those kids is amazing, and you’re so lucky that she’s your kids’ mom. You’re so lucky.” You can no longer treat us like this, and I’m done being quiet. Grow up.

West is said to have said: “Oh, you’re using profanity. Where are you now?

When Davidson sent his wife a picture of him asleep, he wrote: “In bed with your wife.”

West said: “I’m happy to see that you’re out of the hospital and into rehab.”

Davis said West should go to rehab and that he was in Los Angeles for the day, so West could “stop being a little internet boy and talk.” It didn’t scare him when West did things like that.

That’s what West said. Davidson was “welcome to come to Sunday Service.”

West should meet up with him so they could talk “man to man.” He said that what you’re doing to your family is dangerous and will scar them for life. “Bro, I beg you not to talk about these things in public.

DAVID: I have mental issues as well, and it’s not easy to go through this process.

Added: He also said that he had told SNL to stop “talking about or making fun of” the rapper.

On Instagram over the weekend, Davidson and Kim Kardashian made their relationship official. Kardashian posted a lot of pictures of the two of them to her Instagram account.

Both Davidson and West’s representatives have been asked for their thoughts.