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Pamela Reif Pamela Reif Workout and Diet Plan 2022

A model, writer, social media influencer, and fitness influencer, Pamela Reif has a diverse range of skills and interests. She has been one of the most talked-about fitness YouTubers this year, and she has a large following.

You may also follow Pamela Reif on the Puma fitness app.

So, if you’re a fan of Pamela Reif and want to look like her, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with all you need to know about her workout plan, eating pattern, and programme, including the Pamela Reif programme.

Pamela Reif Pamela Reif Workout and Diet Plan 2022

Pamela Reif Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch.
Weight 52 kg.
Age 24 inch.
Breast 34 inch.
Waist 24 inch.
Hips 35 inch.

Pamela Reif Workout Plan

Pamela is a fantastic fitness enthusiast, and her routine is really tough, which may leave anyone feeling exhausted. Pamela’s workouts are virtually daily, and she incorporates a variety of activities into her regimen, which we will discuss today. We will also search up some videos that she has posted, which you can also follow, so let’s get started.

Pamela Reif Workout Plan


Performing a cardio workout is something Pamela enjoys doing; the cardio exercise is typically performed as part of her warm-up routine before she moves on to her other workout. Cardiovascular exercise is something she prefers to do on a treadmill for around 20 to 30 minutes at a moderate pace.

Pamela Reif Weight Training

Her favourite type of workout is weight training; whereas many actors and models avoid using weights, Pamela is a fan of weight training activities. That’s why you’ll often see Pamela working out at the gym, and she even has a home gym set up with all the necessary gym gear.

Pamela’s training focuses primarily on lower body and core workouts, but she also works out her upper body at least twice a week in the gym as part of her overall routine. The rest of the days are spent on a combination of lower body and core training; you can see some of the exercises she does by visiting this page.

Pamela Reif Bodyweight Exercises

Pamela practises a lot of bodyweight exercises, including those on the Puma fitness app, and she shares a lot of bodyweight workouts on her YouTube channel. This is something that you can obtain for free and practise anywhere without the need for any special equipment, so let’s take a look at some of the exercises that Pamela has demonstrated on her YouTube channel.

Pamela Reif Pamela Reif Workout and Diet Plan 2022

10 minute HIIT workout

Earlier this week, Pamela shared this workout on her YouTube channel, which was only a few days old. A calorie-burning HIIT workout of 10 minutes duration with a medium level of difficulty. During such workout, you will burn an average of 70 to 110 calories per hour. So let’s have a look at the exercise she performs:

30 seconds x jumping jack.
30 seconds x side to side jump.
30 seconds x floor touch to reach up.
30 seconds x high knees.
30 seconds x knee kick (R).
30 seconds x knee kick (L).
30 seconds x jumping jacks.
30 seconds x high plank.
30 seconds x mid-step to box.
30 seconds x squat hold + side to the front box.
30 seconds x walking burpees.
30 seconds x plank.
30 seconds x high knees.
30 seconds x squat up and down.
30 seconds x speed squats.
30 seconds x jumping jacks.
30 seconds x plank jump + stretch up.
30 seconds x mountain climber.
30 seconds x high plank.
30 seconds x elbow plank.

Pamela Reif Diet Plan

After doing some research, I discovered that Pamela has one of the healthiest diets out there; she follows a stretch diet plan that isn’t too horrible. Pamela is not a vegetarian, but she makes an effort to consume as much vegetarian food as she can; her goals include vegetables, fruits, protein, low-carb meals, whole-grain foods, and so on. She also consumes a large amount of water throughout the day; now, let’s have a look at Pamela Reif’s normal eating plan.

Pamela Reif Breakfast Meal

Posted eggs or omelettes,



Smoothie bowl with protein

Pamela Reif Lunch Meal




Evening Snacks


Pamela Reif Dinner Meal

Salmon or chicken are both good choices.


Pamela Reif diet plan.