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Pamela Pumpkin Workout

Pamela Pumpkin's Halloween workout.

Pamela Pumpkin’s Halloween workout is trending again on TikTok. How do you participate? Pamela Pumpkin’s TikTok video won’t get you fit, but it will get you in the holiday spirit. Follow Tom’s Guide on TikTok.

Laura Clery created the Pamela Pumpkin Halloween workout in October 2017, but it’s resurfaced on TikTok this year. Jessie James Decker and her family have worn fancy dresses for the workout.

The ‘workout’ involves shaking off skittles, Reece’s, and candy corns, squatting to squash Satan and kick him in the crotch,’ and sidestepping to avoid Zombies. It’s a fun way to get the whole family moving this Halloween.

Pamela Pumpkin

Who is Pamela Pumpkin? 

Pamela Pumpkin is one of Laura Clery’s characters, and she came up with the idea for her when she was working as a full-time actress before she started making videos for Facebook. Additionally, Clery created the Pamela Pumpkin quarantine workout, which became extremely popular over the course of the previous year.

Looking for a Halloween workout? What exercises can you do instead?

Here are some suggested exercises based on the Pamela Pumpkin Halloween workout:

1. Sumo squats 

Squats work the glutes, hamstrings, and thighs, whether or not they ward off evil. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes out. Bend the knees and lower the hips to squat, then press into the feet to return to the starting position. One repetition. Ten repetitions in three sets.

2. Reverse lunge and knee up

Instead of high kicks in Pamela Pumpkin’s Halloween workout, try reverse lunges with knee ups. To lunge, step one foot behind you while keeping your hips square. Slowly bend your front knee and squat down. Engage your glutes by planting your front heel. Slowly stand up, balancing on your back leg and front knee. Repeat on the other side. Three sets of 10 on each side.

3. Lateral lunges 

While avoiding Zombies, lunge. Lateral lunges target the body’s lateral stabilizers, which help with sports like tennis and football. Start with feet hip-width apart for a lateral lunge. Step right, bending your right knee and sinking your hips, keeping your left leg straight. Back up using your ball of foot. One repetition. 3 rounds of 10-15 reps each.

4. Push-ups 

Why not do push-ups to repel Satan? Start on all fours with hands below shoulders and knees below hips. Engage your core and straighten your legs. Align shoulders and hips. Lower your body to the floor slowly, then push back up. The chest, torso, and hips should rise simultaneously. Avoid arched backs and out-of-line hips. If this is too hard, bend your knees. 3 sets of 15 reps.

5. Dead bugs

It’s not mentioned in the video, but it sounds spooky and works your core, spine, and back muscles for good posture. Start a dead bug with a flat back and heavy shoulders. Arms straight above shoulders, knees over hips. Exhale and slowly lower and straighten your left leg and right arm to the floor. As you inhale, reset them. One rep is one side repeated. Aim for three 16-20-bug sets.

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