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Pamela Anderson says Broadway debut is the ‘beginning of the rest of my career’

In Chicago, Pamela Anderson claims she has “nothing to lose” and that this may be the beginning of her Broadway career.

Roxie Hart, the femme fatale who kills her lover and becomes famous, will be played by the former Baywatch star.

Anderson, 54, will begin an eight-week run at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City on Tuesday, April 12.

“There are no safety nets,” she said, according to her interview with People magazine.

In a way, I’m like a sponge. She said, “I’m just soaking it all in,” Ms. Anderson.

All of the adventures we’ve had so far have been incredible,” she says. Even being here seems a little surreal. There are moments when I have to pinch myself because it all feels so unbelievable.

Pamela Anderson

A new chapter in my career begins here – who knows?

The stakes are so low that I have nothing to lose. I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain by taking this risk. My mind is completely blown. For me, it’s all or nothing.”

In the wake of the recent controversy surrounding Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, Pam-mania is at an all-time high.

An investigation into the worldwide media frenzy caused by the leaked sex tape starring Pamela Anderson and her former spouse Mötley Crüe bandmate Tommy Lee, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

Ms. Anderson had no input in the Hulu show and objected to the way she was characterized, with one source telling People that it had “reopened a wound” for her and that the sex tape’s release had been a “very traumatizing situation”.

Ms. Anderson is taking matters into her own hands with an upcoming Netflix documentary on her life.

Announced last week, the show will be directed by Ryan White and is billed as the “definitive” take on a pop culture icon.

It was also endorsed by Ms. Anderson on social media, with a tweet suggesting it would portray her “real story.”