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Olivia Ponton Workout Routine: Diet, age

Olivia Ponton Exercise and Diet Routine Olivia Ponton is a model and vlogger. Her Tik-Tok fitness videos made her famous, and now she’s a signed model.

Many fans were impressed by her TikTok videos and wanted to know her training routine and nutrition plan.

Olivia Ponton Workout

Olivia Ponton Body Stats

Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 55 kg

Years: 17

Hips: 35

Waist: 24

Breast:  34

Olivia Ponton Workout Routine

So, why can’t I have what other ladies have, why am I not famous, and maybe I’m not good enough? Olivia Ponton has the drive to stay fit and eat well. Workout helped Olivia get to where she wanted to be, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of the model.

You may follow her quarantine workouts on her Tik-Tok account if you want to see what she does. I’ll also discuss some of her workouts coupled with mine for a wonderful home workout program. Let’s explore how to get Olivia Ponton’s body.


If you have good stamina, run at least five miles, and if you are a beginner and can’t run much, run as much as you can and walk the remainder. This running regimen can help you lose weight and tone your tummy.

Weight Training

This weight training plan focuses on the lower body and is done over four days, with three days dedicated to the lower body. I will give you some workouts to complete but feel free to modify them to your liking. Each workout should consist of three sets of 12 reps with plenty of water.

Olivia Ponton Monday Workout

Weighted squats
Leg press Leg extension

Olivia Ponton Tuesday Workout 

Dumbbells fly
Presses deltoids
Triceps press
Tricep flexion

Olivia Ponton Thursday Workout

Leg curls
Leg curls
Backward Lunges
Dumbbell squat

Olivia Ponton Friday Workout

Hack squats
Glutes cable snag
Weighted Hip Tender thigh flexion
A bridge with a weighted
Leg raises with a band
Nose-to-water donkey

Olivia Ponton Core Workout

A core workout is generally a circuit regimen with seven to ten movements without rest. Olivia’s core regimen mixes bodyweight and machine exercises. Consider a method you can do at home or in the gym. This routine requires three sets of at least 20 reps each.

Crunches 2
Toe crunches
Leg lifts
With or without pulley
No-ball Russian twist
Turning heel-to-toe
Plank reach resistance band

That’s it for Olivia Ponton’s workout.

Olivia Ponton Diet

Olivia Ponton’s diet consists of low carb and high protein foods; she enjoys shakes and smoothies and eats a lot of vegetables and fruits. Some say she’s a vegan, but I’ve seen her eat a non-vegan cheeseburger.

So the food is essentially meat, and she loves to cheat and get a cheeseburger. On her cheat day, she enjoys dessert and sweets. Olivia also drinks plenty of water to be healthy.

As a model, Olivia makes sure to follow healthy eating habits. She eats eggs, oatmeal, vegetables, fish, and meat.

Olivia Ponton Diet

Olivia Ponton Breakfast 

almond butter, almond milk, fruit, and protein powder.
Omelet à la

Olivia ponton age

Born on 30 May 2002, Olivia Ponton’s age is 19 years as of 2022. She was born and raised in a middle-class family in Naples, Florida, the United States.

Olivia ponton age

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