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Naruto Workout

If you’re ever in need of some fitness motivation, you could do worse than look to the world of anime heroes. YouTuber Tyler Oliveira was feeling “fat, fed up, and tired of being a weakling,” so he decided to commit his life to the way of the ninja for 30 days, working out like the title character of manga sensation Naruto.

The Naruto workout consists of:

100 pushups

100 squats

75 situps

75 dips

50 pullups

50 lunges

3-mile Naruto run

Naruto Workout

30 seconds of shadow boxing, 30 seconds of burpees, 30 seconds of shadowboxing again, 30 seconds of jump squats (repeat for 5 sets)

Oliveira works out five days a week, resting two. He starts by running like a “normal person,” but a Naruto run involves leaning forward and stretching your arms behind you.

The Naruto workout is already cardio-intensive after five days. “I find myself gasping for air and my dear life every time I do the workout,” says Oliveira, although he does add that the 3-mile run is a “piece of cake” compared to the 6-plus miles he was running towards the end of his recent One Punch Man challenge. “Shadowboxing is exhausting,” he says. “Before you know it, you’re sweating and exhausted.”

Unconventional Naruto workout element? Weekly fights. Seriously. (Asking random men in a gym if they want to fight doesn’t get many volunteers.) No.

Oliveira is noticing “petite” arm gains, more visible abs, and chest size. “This is one of the most refreshing workouts I’ve ever done,” he says.

Oliveira started the month at 163.7 pounds and gained more than 10 pounds. “I basically ate whatever my heart told me to eat, so Naruto’s diet is flexible,” he says.

“I didn’t expect to get ripped or yoked from this workout,” he says, but he’s proud of his new arms and calves.

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