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Nadine Coyle shares cute throwback clip with Sarah Harding from 15 years ago

Nadine Coyle has posted a 15-year-old video of herself and Girls Aloud co-star, Sarah Harding, together in a heartwarming tribute.

The two appeared on Richard and Judy with Sugababes Heidi Range and Keisha Buchanan to talk about their Comic Relief effort.


Nadine Coyle & Sarah Harding

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Sarah and Nadine both expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to work with Heidi and Keisha.

This video of Girls Aloud stars snuggling and laughing was posted to Nadine’s Instagram story “With a heart-eye emoji and the words, “The hug!!!,” Sarah is in this! Exactly how we feel!”

Since her former bandmate died of breast cancer in September 2021, Nadine has opened up about how “terrible” life has been since Nadine’s death last year.