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Nadine Coyle on helping her daughter make positive food

A lot has changed between the meals Nadine Coyle had growing up and the food her 7-year-old daughter has now, says Nadine Coyle herself.

“I come from a tiny village where it’s very much meat and veggies – everything’s farm-fresh, but there’s not a lot of diversity in cuisine,” adds the former Girls Aloud singer.


Anaiya Bell, the 36-year-child old’s with ex-fiance Jason Bell, stays with her in London.


She said Anaiya is often “adventurous” in the kitchen, but she refuses to eat cheese, eggs, or anything containing pork.


“If we couldn’t eat ham, eggs, and cheese [as a kid], we might have starved at noon,” Nadine quipped.


According to Anaiya’s ex-girlfriend from Girls Aloud, she now eats a “wider variety of meals”.


“Many of the items I ate as a child were unavailable. In my youth, I had no idea what an avocado was because I don’t recall seeing them in Derry or Donegal. When I’m speaking, I sound like I’m in my 90s!”


The mother-daughter combo has a common interest in eating.


Nadine spoke on how much she adores the culinary arts.


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Nadine Coyle

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“I become odd when I’m away for an extended period of time when on vacation. Several years ago, I realized it was because I couldn’t cook.”

Nadine is now doing everything she can to include Anaiya in the cooking process.

Anaiya enjoys being involved in the kitchen and creating her own meal combinations, which Coyle says means “she’ll test anything because she thinks it’s her recipe – which I find very, very useful”.

With the prevalence of women’s bodies being scrutinized, Nadine has been working with Anaiya toward developing a positive relationship with food.

“I hate it when food becomes a source of anxiety for people.

This has happened to me before: You find yourself in a situation where you feel like you have no choice but to go up a size, or down a size for whatever reason – whether because of stress, or perhaps because you’ve lost weight “Nadine feigned ignorance.

To avoid going hungry, “a healthy connection with food is essential,” she said.

There is no way to avoid eating.

“As far as I can remember, I’ve never made a fuss over Anaiya’s desire to eat.

You can have another one if she wants something sweet; she would eat the entire packet of biscuits if she were left to her own devices if I allowed her to.

You don’t want to become sick and I don’t want you to feel awful about desiring something harmful.

Because she wants to empower Anaiya, the singer is excited to use the NHS Food Scanner App with her daughter so that she can tap and see exactly what’s in the food she is consuming.

Nadine argues that this will not be the case if children are taught about healthful meals from an early age “feeling as if you’re pressuring them to do something…

“As a result, they believe that in the end, they are the ones who make the decisions.

Because they made the decision to eat healthy food, they are more likely to do so.”

In 2022, parents can use the NHS Food Scanner App to drastically enhance the health of their children.