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Nadal says Djokovic knew the risks: ‘He made his own decisions’

RAFAEL NADAL said today that long-time rival Novak Djokovic must pay the price for not being immunised against coronavirus.

When he arrived in Australia late Wednesday, he was halted by border officials and his visa was cancelled for not having the Covid vaccine.

Eradicating the threat of deportation, he has filed a lawsuit to stay in the nation and compete in this month’s Australian Open.

Nadal got Covid last month and stated he got inoculated to stop a pandemic when “a lot of people were dying.”

“I had the Covid and was vaccinated twice. You can play here if you do this. “That’s the only thing clear,” he remarked after winning his first ATP Tour singles match since August.

A vaccine allows you to play in the Australian Open and anywhere else, and I believe the world has suffered enough to not obey the rules.

“He made his own decisions, and everyone is allowed to make their own decisions,” he said of Djokovic.

“Of course I dislike the current scenario. In a way, I pity him.

“But he understood the situation for months, so he makes his own decision.”

This Monday, Djokovic announced on Instagram that he had secured a waiver to compete in the Australian Open.

The 34-year-old has declined to share his vaccination status but has previously opposed vaccination.

But the announcement aroused indignation in a country
“The pandemic has caused a lot of families to suffer,” he said.

“I mean, it’s understandable that Australians are unhappy with the (Djokovic) case because they have had many difficult lockdowns and many individuals have been unable to return home.

Nadal said he understood the reaction.