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MUSCLE MEMORY Teen bodybuilder who went viral after crushing weights in the gym is unrecognisable five years on

A TEEN BODYBUILDER WHO WENT VIRAL after crushing weights in the gym is no longer recognised in Instagram photos five years later.

Tristyn Lee rose to prominence after fans saw his gladiator-like body in videos he posted online.
The teen had anticipated that clips of him showing off his outstanding football talents at the age of 15 would get the attention of scouts.

Instead, he was inundated with comments about becoming a professional bodybuilder, and he’s since gained a sizable following on Instagram, where he has over 2 million followers.

The American adolescent has even shared workout videos with bodybuilders such as Bradley Martyn, Simeon Panda, and Larry Wheels.

Lee is practically unrecognisable after five years.

In a post titled “Working,”