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MMA coach John Kavanagh was ‘super-impressed’ with Will Smith’s fighting skills

Hollywood celebrity Will Smith and MMA coach John Kavanagh recently trained together in Dubai, and Kavanagh released a photo of the two on Twitter.

Coach Kavanagh released a throwback photo from when he trained Smith in 2021 after the Academy Awards scandal when Smith smacked Chris Rock live on stage on Sunday.

McGregor’s training camp in Dubai brought John and Smith together.

According to Conor McGregor’s coach, Kavanagh, Smith was certain that he wanted to learn how to fight.

‘That was an odd occurrence,’ Kavanagh explained.

During the time I was in Dubai training with Conor, his guys were keeping tabs on my own. Is Will Smith a good fit for me to work with?

Will Smith

“Sure, I’d do it. I’m a huge fan, and I couldn’t believe it when I found out.

“I was able to visit a world-class sports complex nearby. He was put through his paces as part of a warrior training program. “I was blown away by him.”

Iconic boxer Muhammad Ali is the subject of Will Smith’s new movie “Ali,” in which the actor portrays the great fighter between 1964 and 1974.